56 Amplitude Case Studies

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Read 56 Case Studies from real Amplitude users sharing their business challenges and results after using Amplitude software.

  • How 8x8’s Jitsi.org is using data to deliver seamless service in a time of crisis
  • How ABA English used Amplitude to increase conversion and grew their mobile revenue
  • Amplitude’s Ease of Use Enables Everyone at Avito to Access and Learn from User Behavior Data
  • How Babbel became the top-selling, language-learning app by becoming data-driven
  • How BetterMe Uses Testing to Adapt Quickly and Improve Its User Experience
  • How Blue Apron Used Amplitude To Activate More New Customers
  • Burger King - Customer Case Study
  • How Calm Increased Retention 3X After Switching to Amplitude from Mixpanel
  • How Canal+ used Product Intelligence to increase conversion by 3x
  • How Amplitude Helps Canva Scale Through Data Democratization and Quick Testing
  • How Change.org is Creating a More Autonomous and Data-Literate Company
  • From Data Analysis to Data Storytelling Improving Product Experience at Chick-fil-A
  • How ClearScore leveraged data to navigate business challenges
  • How Cornerstone used Amplitude to help product managers solve everyday challenges
  • Driving engagement and ARPU for Crunchyroll’s 50-million streaming video users
  • Dave used Amplitude to establish product-market fit, increase retention and expand their suite of fintech products
  • How DoubleDown Bet Big on Analytics—and Got Results
  • Driving engagement and ARPU for Crunchyroll’s 50-million streaming video users
  • How Fishbrain Increased Retention Using Amplitude, Braze, and Phiture
  • How Flipp is customizing its content for better CTRs, engagement, and retention
  • How Personalization Helped G-Loot Improve its Player Experience
  • Why G2 Decided to Switch to Amplitude
  • How GoFundMe Uses Data to Drive More Donations
  • Why HubSpot Chose Amplitude for Product Analytics Over a Homegrown Solution
  • How iflix is Harnessing Data to Customize Campaigns, Drive Engagement and Boost Revenue
  • How Instacart Achieved a 10% Lift in Conversion by Understanding User Behavior
  • How QuickBooks Uses Insights to Make Better Business Decisions
  • How Jumbo Interactive Delivers Spotify-like Personalization for Every User
  • Remove the Bottleneck and Get the Most Out of Data with Self-Serve Analytics
  • KeepSafe’s data-driven approach to app pricing
  • How Le Monde used data to increase online subscriptions by 20 percent
  • How letgo Uses Amplitude Analytics to Fuel its Extraordinary Growth
  • Why Life360 Replaced Their Internal Analytics with Amplitude
  • How Amplitude Helps LogMeIn Iterate Faster and Focus on Driving Company Growth
  • How Amplitude helps a leading European dating app bring people together
  • How Microsoft Uses Amplitude to Help Office 365 Users Be More Productive
  • How MINDBODY used Amplitude to find key user segments, drive engagement, and increase conversion by 35%
  • How MultiChoice Connected Video used Amplitude to improve their signup flow and boost conversion by 10%
  • How NBC Used Product Intelligence to Drive Retention by 3x
  • How NerdWallet Harnesses Data to Drive Conversions and Retention and Improve Engineering Metrics
  • How OkCupid Uses Analytics to Help People Find Love
  • How Patreon Uses Amplitude to Get Their Creators Paid
  • How Postmates uses Amplitude and Braze to Build an Engagement Strategy that Gets Users to Stick
  • How Pratilipi used data and insights to fuel rapid growth
  • How Rappi is constantly experimenting to improve its core product and expand its offerings
  • How Rdio drives revenue with Amplitude’s user behavior analytics
  • Rocket Games uses Amplitude’s analytics platform to handle 3 billion events monthly
  • How Rosetta Stone used data to transform its approach to teaching and learning, driving engagement and revenue in the process
  • How Showmax Used Data to Drive Growth Across 70+ Markets in Just Three Years
  • How Slate Used Data to Effectively Launch a Paywall Model
  • Make Better Decisions, Faster, by Enabling Self-Service Data
  • Square Relies on Amplitude as Their Central Source for User Insights
  • How Traveloka Used Product Analytics to Boost Efficiency and Value
  • How Under Armour Uses Data Insights to Drive Innovation
  • How Well Pharmacy streamlined their fulfillment flow and increased signup conversion by 30%
  • How Amplitude is Contributing to Digital Transformation for Yellow Pages

About Amplitude

Amplitude provides product analytics that helps companies build better products. Launched in 2014, and backed by IVP, Battery Ventures and Benchmark Capital, Amplitude is the analytics solution of choice for product-led companies who want to understand user behavior, ship great features faster and drive strong business outcomes. Amplitude customers include Microsoft, PayPal, Under Armour, Hubspot, Autodesk, Booking.com, and Twitter.

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