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  • Try to imagine any part of your work or personal life that isn’t somehow tied to software or an app of some sort. At CaseStudies.com, we really do believe that software is eating the world as Marc Andreessen famously said. Why? Because software can help every organization and person become a more efficient, effective version of themselves. We are on a mission to provide the highest quality authenticated customer references for B2B business software & services to help prospects make the right purchasing decision during their buying journey.
  • CaseStudies is the world's leading case study reference platform for B2B business software & services. Our platform gives B2B prospects a neutral 3rd party resource to research and discover B2B business solutions through a safe & trusted environment with the help of over 800,819 real customer case studies, success stories and customer stories.
  • Everyday B2B buyers from Fortune 2000 companies to SMB's use the CaseStudies platform to validate business software & services purchasing decisions to meet their business needs. Our model gives B2B business software & service vendors the opportunity to tell their story through the success their customers have had - changing the way B2B purchasing decisions are being made.

Why is CaseStudies Free?

CaseStudies is free for users because vendors pay us to highlight all their great case studies, success stories, & customer stories. CaseStudies lists all vendors - not just those that pay us - so that you can make the most informed purchasing decisions possible. We provide every vendor the opportunity to showcase their best customer achievements.