17 CIENCE, Inc. Case Studies

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Read 17 Case Studies from CIENCE, Inc. customers to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How CIENCE Generated Over 60% of Sales for a Fintech Company
  • How a Marketing Agency Filled Their Pipeline with Leads
  • How CIENCE Accelerated Growth for a Marketing and Sales Consulting Firm
  • How a Facilities Services Firm Generated Over 600 Qualified Leads a Month with CIENCE
  • How a Healthcare Technology Company Created a New Revenue Stream through CIENCE
  • How a Marketing Agency Obtained More Leads and Meetings than Anticipated
  • How an Online Events Registration Software Company Landed Their Dream Clients
  • How a B2b Translation Service Provider Achieved the Necessary Outbound Sales Velocity
  • How an Event Services Firm Doubled Their Lead Generation with CIENCE‚ÄôS Targeted Outreach
  • How an IT Company Gained Prospects with a Shotgun Start
  • How Machine Learning Conference Gained Its Best Attendees
  • CIENCE Technologies Conducted Successful, Highly Accurate Research on a Very Fast Turnaround
  • Second Genome - Customer Case Study
  • How CIENCE Set Over 190 Appointments with CEOs and Founders for an Outsourced Finance and Accounting Services Company
  • How a Boutique Hospitality Business Closed $200k in a Few Months with CIENCE
  • How CIENCE Helped Turn Technologies Close $200k in a Few Months
  • How CIENCE Increased Brand Awareness, Interest, Response Rates, and Event Attendance for International Student Travel Provider

About CIENCE, Inc.

CIENCE, Inc. work with the best brands, enterprise companies, and start-ups around the world. They test and experiment with their clients to find a formula that drives results for their sales teams to develop long-term relationships. With CIENCE, their partners get the strategic thinking of their growth hackers, the deep analytical skills of a data science company, the flexibility of they skilled resources and a sales acceleration platform to drive results.

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