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98 Acumatica Case Studies

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Read 98 Case Studies from real Acumatica users sharing their business challenges and results after using Acumatica software.

  • Acumatica gives Aditi spinoff solid financial platform for rapid growth
  • Power supply component manufacturer adopts Acumatica, gains accounting functionality in multiple currencies
  • Mid-sized manufacturer gains 400% productivity and integrates systems with Acumatica 4.0
  • Antenova amplifies connections and improves operations with Acumatica
  • Ask Afrika return on investment R1.5 million with Acumatica ERP
  • Malta vacation ownership specialist poised for rapid growth with Acumatica
  • Acumatica Easy to use, affordable ERP for small businesses
  • Skin care company switches to Acumatica from Sage, gains deeper insight into customers and prospects
  • ERP veteran tackles 12th implementation, Acumatica for franchisee
  • Industry downturn allows Bob Davis Sales to reboot, rebound
  • Affordable ERP brings sought-after functionality to stone manufacturer
  • C&O Nursery Grows with Flexible Acumatica ERP
  • Fruit tree nursery switches to Acumatica from Dynamics GP for better integration of accounting and inventory
  • Acumatica streamlines international non-profit’s financial data management
  • Acumatica implemented in just 10 days, helps Caswell Inc. run stores efficiently
  • Business services company saves approx. 80% of projected deployment costs with Acumatica
  • Chavez Foundation taps Acumatica’s multiple entity accounting for growth
  • Acumatica integrates specialized produce sales software, saves produce broker time and money
  • Acumatica Cloud ERP saves import firm time and money
  • General Contractor built to quickly scale with Acumatica Construction Edition
  • Construction company builds solid growth platform on Acumatica Cloud ERP
  • Danforth Pewter adds modern ERP to colonial foundation
  • Enclosure manufacturer uses Cloud ERP to replace Sage MAS 90
  • Acumatica strengthens financial controls, helps manufacturer prepare for growth
  • Acumatica helps growing craft brewer improve data control and operational efficiency
  • Medical equipment sales & service provider cuts monthend reporting time by over half with Acumatica
  • Ergoresearch Ltd. keeps people in motion while Acumatica powers Ergo’s fast growth
  • Myanmar’s premier security services firm picks Acumatica to scale with its growing business
  • Fidelux Lighting Pivots to a New Business Model Leveraging Acumatica
  • Eco-friendly Firewire Surfboards Shreds, Scales with Acumatica ERP
  • London financial firm upgrades to Acumatica, trades data problems for new, flexible ERP
  • Acumatica helps lighting manufacturer improve processes, scale rapidly
  • Acumatica helps IT support firm cut order processing time from two days to 10 minutes
  • Fast Growing Global Beauty Care Unleashes Growth with Acumatica
  • Acumatica transforms publisher’s data management, saving thousands of dollars
  • Guardian SealTech streamlines operations, boosts productivity with Acumatica
  • Nonprofit Hagar grows internationally with Acumatica
  • HAI Group teams with Acumatica to empower public housing agencies, cuts implementation time in half
  • Hartzell Construction Taps Acumatica for Integrated Construction Management
  • Doorset manufacturer moves to Acumatica, enjoys 24/7 ERP access
  • Agribusiness switches from Dynamics SL to Acumatica, reduces ERP-related programs from 14 to 4
  • International Pipe Gains CRM, Boosts Productivity with Acumatica
  • Acumatica delivers Project Accounting to three growing firms
  • Jewelry manufacturer & wholesaler gains Cloud and retains control
  • Software developer moves to Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform, saves over $400,000 & 2 years’ development time
  • JAMIS Software moves to Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform, reduces time to market by 50%
  • Agribusiness with Multiple Brands Digitally Transforms Operations with Acumatica ERP
  • Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform reduces development time for Kensium Solutions, opens new revenue stream
  • Food franchise saves $50,000 in IT expenses by moving workflow to the cloud
  • Data-driven Korpack harnesses Acumatica for nationwide growth
  • Chamber avoids costly upgrade, streamlines operations with Acumatica
  • Lockwood Products transforms business with Acumatica
  • Acumatica Helps M3 Technology Group Unify Operations and Grow
  • M5 Software cuts development time and effort in half with Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform
  • Leading Sage 500 reseller switches to Acumatica, converts eight years of data
  • MiiR gains access to good data with Acumatica Cloud ERP to make decisions and grow the business in a powerful way
  • Nebraska Vet Services consolidates multiple enterprises and disparate systems with Acumatica
  • Tile and stone importer/ seller switches to Acumatica, improves customer service efficiency
  • E-retailer switches to Acumatica, benefits from enhanced integration between financials and e-commerce website
  • Rapid Field Service Growth Demands Flexible, Affordable ERP
  • Indonesia’s OneMed Gains Affordable Foundation for Rapid Growth
  • Cell phone service provider switches to Acumatica, implements new ERP system in 90 Days
  • Environmental manufacturer chooses Acumatica with its embedded manufacturing software for increased functionality
  • Acumatica saves large state agency “weeks” of time with integrated system
  • Design company saves $80,000 a year, doubles productivity with Acumatica
  • Leader in virtualization and automation software chooses Acumatica, reduces cost by 80%
  • Startup builds flexible, high volume platform on Acumatica
  • Wholesale distributor optimizes inventory using Acumatica Cloud ERP
  • Direct mail marketing company projects $600,000 profitability increase from implementing Acumatica
  • Power Storage Solutions Avoids Multi-Platform Fatigue and Transforms Their Business
  • Medical practice management provider chooses Acumatica over Oracle and SAP, saves millions
  • E-tailer Modernizes & Thrives with Help from Acumatica Cloud ERP
  • Acumatica Cloud ERP Provides Foundation to Digitally Transform Pharmaceutical Distributor
  • Mining liners and spare parts distributor gets more visibility, manages growth with Acumatica Cloud ERP
  • Last Mile Delivery Firm Poised to Double Revenues with Acumatica ERP
  • Acumatica’s flexibility propels K9 manufacturer’s growth and strategy
  • Hotel/Resort management firm purchases Acumatica, implements new ERP system in two weeks
  • Clothing retailer funds ERP software from cost savings
  • Acumatica improves global company’s connections with staff and customers
  • Private investment firm improves disaster recovery, streamlines accounting with Acumatica
  • Horticulture wholesaler grows 40% in sales after switching to Acumatica from Quickbooks
  • More efficient online shoe reseller boosts profits thanks to Acumatica
  • Software developer picks Acumatica SaaS to run global operations
  • Soundcast chooses Acumatica over NetSuite, saves money and retains control of data
  • ire-Protection Innovator STI FireStop Plans for Growth with Acumatica Cloud ERP
  • Motorcycle distributor selects Acumatica as Cloud ERP system to support business growth
  • Superprem Industries moves to the Cloud to gain insights and empower employees
  • Beverage manufacturer gains real-time market visibility with Acumatica
  • Strategic media placement company discovers dramatic time savings by switching to Acumatica
  • Tayse Rugs Streamlines EDI, Operations with Acumatica ERP
  • Vietnam's leading fresh milk producer transforms distribution management system with Acumatica
  • Distribution Company Switches from NetSuite to Acumatica
  • Acumatica saves British distributor time, enhances customer service and sets stage for growth
  • Expedia Inc. subsidiary expands into new countries rapidly with Acumatica's cloud-based ERP
  • New Zealand electronics manufacturer gets ISO-certified with Acumatica
  • Online furniture firm taps Acumatica ERP for rapid growth
  • XByte improves level of service with Acumatica Cloud ERP
  • Cloud software helps health products distributor go global and manage growth

About Acumatica

Acumatica is a leading provider of cloud business management software that empowers small and mid-size businesses to unlock the potential and drive growth. Built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology and a unique customer-centric licensing model, Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications, such as Financials, Distribution, CRM, and Project Accounting, on a robust and flexible platform. In an interconnected world, Acumatica enables customers to take full control of the businesses, play to the organizations’ unique strengths, and support to clients by following them anywhere on any device.

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