61 Accruent Case Studies

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Read 61 Case Studies from real Accruent users sharing their business challenges and results after using Accruent software.

  • How 600+ AbbVie employees use Meridian engineering document management to access and manage more than 300,000 CAD drawings and other files
  • How AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals utilizes Meridian for better management for concurrent engineering projects and up-to-date asset information
  • How Alaska Airlines upgraded its system to track maintenance needs and avoid equipment downtime and unsatisfactory conditions for passengers
  • How Anoka County, Minnesota, implemented FAMIS Maintenance Management to manage the full asset lifecycle and expand services without increasing costs
  • How BASF initiated an integration to streamline the data handover between engineering and maintenance, leading to direct access to updated assets
  • How Bay Area Hospital's growth prompted the organization to upgrade its enterprise solution to manage maintenance requests and connect departments
  • How Boskalis migrated almost 500,000 documents and now has a single source to find and retrieve all ship-related engineering information with Meridian
  • How Chuy's improved its work order management system with vx Maintain to create efficiencies, cut costs and reduce equipment downtime by 25%
  • Creating accurate capital plans with detailed facility condition assessment data
  • How the city government uses a modern CMMS to keep key services, like sewers and wastewater treatment plants, operating at optimal performance.
  • How Co-op used IoT remote monitoring and better asset management to automate decision making, improve efficiency and boost customer satisfaction
  • How Columbia College Chicago used Accruent’s FAMIS cloud solution to track work order requests from start to finish
  • How as Connecticut State Colleges & Universities merged into a single university system, EMS provided a single scheduling management solution
  • How Cook Medical created an organized database of all assets, past equipment failures, and service history to improve processes
  • How COVRA uses Meridian to safely and efficiently manage operational assets and related engineering data to comply with the Dutch Nuclear Energy Act
  • How Dunea uses Meridian to manage all engineering information and other technical documentation, providing a reliable and stable system
  • How Eco-Site was able to centralize information to quickly understand site operations and profitability, meet timelines, and improve efficiency
  • How Edge Hill University created structured scheduling processes for preventative and reactive work orders
  • how Encore Wire technicians across 8 plants now conduct maintenance more quickly and digitally for real-time results for greater output
  • How the major grocery retailer modernized its maintenance program, ensuring portfolio consistency and allowing for optimal energy consumption
  • How the global retailer synergized workflows across departments and improved collaboration throughout the store lifecycle
  • GNC - Customer Case Study
  • Goodman Networks - Customer Case Study
  • Guardian Service Industries Inc. - Customer Case Study
  • Hamilton Partners - Customer Case Study
  • Optimizing Client Value with Improved Asset Data Collection and Insights
  • How Helzberg was able to consolidate all its real estate data, documents and processes into a single solution
  • How the global manufacturer gains operational efficiency and lowers costs through improved search, retrieval, and processing of engineering documents
  • How The Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute used Meridian engineering document management for improved workflow organization and optimization
  • Centralizing facility condition information to create prioritized capital plans
  • Iowa state - Customer Case Study
  • Improved forecasting and capital spending decisions with comprehensive facility condition reports
  • Reducing Asset Downtime and Increasing Mechanic Utilization with Improved Maintenance Management
  • How MerIdian allows Laricina Energy to discover, monitor, and protect technical asset information throughout the entire asset lifecycle
  • Saving Time and Money with Improved Maintenance of Critical Medical Equipment
  • Guiding Clients to the Forefront of Mobile Data Collection Innovation
  • How Maine Medical Center left a cumbersome paper-based system and implemented digital work order and asset management that streamlined processes
  • How Masters Gallery Foods selected Maintenance Connection and obtained immediate results by automating maintenance requests and reporting
  • Prioritizing Equipment Repair and Replacement with Integrated Healthcare Technology Management
  • How the baseball club's facilities team established internal service-level agreements to optimize efficiency and improve customer satisfaction
  • How Mitton Group increased visibility into and control over its field service and workflow processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • How Montana State University used the FAMIS team at its Billings campus to successfully migrate its old data to the new platform and correct errors
  • How MSCM Ltd used Meridian to consolidate its more than 260,000 documents into an enterprise-wide, digital system and significantly increased efficiency
  • How Meridian Is Helping New Engineering SRL Build An Innovative Healthcare Clinic
  • Energizing Engineering Productivity and Collaboration Across Power Generation Sites
  • Improving Equipment Maintenance, Parts Sourcing and Capital Planning with Healthcare Technology Management
  • How this leading teaching hospital reduced maintenance errors by streamlining data handover between the engineering and maintenance teams
  • Rice University - Customer Case Study
  • How Seattle City Light has used Meridian for more than 20 years to implement controls and workflow processes to find up-to-date asset information
  • Gaining Insights into Preventative Maintenance, Work Orders, SLAS, Audits, and Utilization
  • How a CMMS helps keep assets fully managed, improve equipment lifespan, increase preventive maintenance, eliminate downtime, and lower costs
  • Staples - Customer Case Study
  • How Sund & Bælt manages a high volume of documentation and drawings with an up-to-date as-built environment for engineering information
  • How automating processes and eliminating scheduling errors has differentiated the Department of Recreational Sports at Texas A&M University
  • How the publishing plant easily organized all assets and implemented a preventive maintenance schedule to service equipment before it breaks
  • How Total Olefins Antwerp selected a solution to automate and streamline the change management process to optimize, improve, and save
  • How Townson University used Maintenance Connection to improve the work order process for its students and maintenance team, creating a healthy environment
  • How the wine industry leader deployed an automated CMMS system for its more than 130 maintenance team members throughout 11 locations
  • University of Ottawa - Customer Case Study
  • University of Texas at Austin - Customer Case Study
  • How engineering document management prevents data inconsistencies, helping ensure safe and efficient flight operations at this leading transport hub

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