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  • Maximizing Efficiency with Compliant Control of Engineering Information
  • Managing Innovation with Controlled Management of Engineering Change
  • Ensuring Passenger Safety and Satisfaction with Efficient Maintenance Management
  • Anoka County - Customer Case Study
  • Improving Efficiency Through Integrated Maintenance and Engineering
  • Simplifying Compliance with a Hospital-Wide Source of Maintenance Information
  • Managing Fleet Expansion with a Single Source of Engineering Information
  • Optimizing the Restaurant Experience With Streamlined Work Order and Vendor Management
  • Creating accurate capital plans with detailed facility condition assessment data
  • Increasing Maintenance Efficiency and Mobility Through Digital Work Order Management
  • Strengthening Asset Monitoring, Preventative Maintenance, and Regulatory Compliance
  • Columbia College Chicago - Customer Case Study
  • Streamlining Operations with Improved Scheduling and Event Management
  • Streamlining FDA Compliance with Automated Maintenance and Reporting Processes
  • Improving Efficiency and Compliance of Operational Assets with Engineering Information Management
  • Improving Accessibility of Engineering Information Throughout the Asset Lifecycle
  • Increasing Operational Efficiency with Scalable Telecom Site and Project Management
  • Reducing Maintenance Spend with Optimized Facilities and Field Service Management
  • Streamlining Operations with Real-Time Maintenance and Parts Inventory Tracking
  • Reducing Costs with Streamlined Collaboration Throughout the Real Estate Lifecycle
  • GNC - Customer Case Study
  • Goodman Networks - Customer Case Study
  • Guardian Service Industries Inc. - Customer Case Study
  • Hamilton Partners - Customer Case Study
  • Optimizing Client Value with Improved Asset Data Collection and Insights
  • Helzberg Diamonds - Customer Case Study
  • Controlling Document Exchange Throughout the Asset Lifecycle
  • Centralizing facility condition information to create prioritized capital plans
  • Iowa state - Customer Case Study
  • Improved forecasting and capital spending decisions with comprehensive facility condition reports
  • Reducing Asset Downtime and Increasing Mechanic Utilization with Improved Maintenance Management
  • Producing Operational Efficiency Through Streamlined Document Control
  • Saving Time and Money with Improved Maintenance of Critical Medical Equipment
  • Guiding Clients to the Forefront of Mobile Data Collection Innovation
  • Improving Regulatory Compliance with Streamlined Maintenance Management
  • Increasing Asset Uptime and Reliability through Improved Maintenance Efficiencies
  • Prioritizing Equipment Repair and Replacement with Integrated Healthcare Technology Management
  • Minnesota Twins Baseball Club - Customer Case Study
  • Increasing Visibility And Control Over Field Service And Workflow Processes For Data-Based Decision Making
  • Montana State University - Customer Case Study
  • Empowering more intelligent design and information management for improved project delivery
  • Energizing Engineering Productivity and Collaboration Across Power Generation Sites
  • Improving Equipment Maintenance, Parts Sourcing and Capital Planning with Healthcare Technology Management
  • Reducing Errors with Streamlined Data Handover between Engineering and Maintenance
  • Rice University - Customer Case Study
  • Increasing Productivity and Compliance Through Improved Engineering Data Integrity
  • Empowering More Intelligent Design And Information Management
  • Gaining Insights into Preventative Maintenance, Work Orders, SLAS, Audits, and Utilization
  • Increased Transparency into Asset Health and Spend Across Global Steel Plants
  • Staples - Customer Case Study
  • Speeding Up Engineering Information Traffic for Improved Efficiency and Collaboration
  • Scheduling maximum fun and driving revenue with efficient student recreation space management
  • Optimizing Plant Resources with Asset Monitoring and Automated Preventive Maintenance
  • Connecting Manufacturing Plants Through a Single Source of Asset Information
  • Improving Maintenance Operations for Better Campus Residential Experiences
  • Optimizing Parts Savings and Wrench Time with Streamlined Inventory and Maintenance Management
  • University of Ottawa - Customer Case Study
  • University of Texas at Austin - Customer Case Study
  • Preventing Engineering Data Inconsistencies for Safe and Efficient Flight Operations

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Accruent makes it easy for you to unlock the financial benefits and operational improvements trapped in inefficient systems and processes. Since 1995, Accruent has offered comprehensive facilities and real estate management systems that deliver long term, best in class, operational and financial performance. From watching your favorite university’s sports team compete at a stadium, to catching up with friends at a coffee shop, to sharing a video on your mobile device – Accruent’s solutions influence the lives of millions of people across the globe every day. Accruent provides site management, lease management, project management, facilities management, asset management, and facility capital planning software and services that are purpose-built for specific industries to deliver greater customer value.

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