55 Algolia Case Studies

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Read 55 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How Abacus Leverages Algolia for Realtime Expense Reporting
  • AfterShip leverages Algolia's search to track 120 million packages around the world
  • Algolia search API increases A Little Market search conversion by 10%
  • AllTrails Uses Algolia to deliver offline search to their users no matter where they are
  • Bringing Algolia’s faceting experience to mobile the evolution of AppApp
  • Leverages Algolia to support over 70 million search queries a month
  • Better World Books - Customer Case Study
  • How Beyond Retro Improved Its Ecommerce Site with Algolia’s Magento Plugin
  • Birchbox increased its revenue per session by 10%
  • How Bringmeister Turned their Online Browsing Experience into a Strategic Marketing Tool
  • Concertwith.me’s Competitive Edge A Revamped Search UX with Algolia
  • How Coursera Uses Algolia to Make Learning More Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere
  • Decathlon Singapore Driving 50% higher conversion rate with omnichannel, personalized search
  • Dunelm doubles online revenue and significantly improves search conversion rates with lightning fast, accurate search at scale
  • Evolution 7 Uses Algolia to deliver high-speed search solutions to their customers
  • How EyeBuyDirect uses personalized search and browse experiences to increase revenue
  • Flexport - Customer Case Study
  • Inside GrowthHackers.com’s Implementation of Algolia
  • Gymshark’s journey to MACH The practical case for search and navigation
  • Idealist Uses Algolia to help Connect People Who Want to Do Good with Opportunities for Action And Collaboration
  • iflix - Customer Case Study
  • TrendyMinds and Algolia partnered to create a personalized and easy to manage search experience for the Indiana University Health website
  • Inflect + Algolia Modernizing the Buying of Infrastructure Products
  • Intrend Increasing Average Order Value by 19% at Intrend with agile search
  • Building a better iStyles shopping experience with Algolia search
  • JadoPado delivers instasearch for mobile and web powered by Algolia
  • Lacoste - Customer Case Study
  • LegalZoom - Customer Case Study
  • LeKiosk - Customer Case Study
  • Linio - Customer Case Study
  • ManoMano increased their conversion rate by 20% in multiple markets after switching to Algolia
  • How Mercari keeps delivering dynamic experiences for marketplace buyers and sellers
  • Meta Uses Algolia’s technology to make 35 million files searchable in milliseconds. (beta)
  • Why we’re returning to Mind The Product for the second time this year
  • How Algolia Helped Us Improve UX, Dump Legacy Code and 4x Engagement
  • How better search and personalization helped PcComponentes grow search click-through rate and conversion rate
  • Collaborative 3D Printing Made Possible by Pinshape, Search Powered by Algolia
  • POLITICO Delivering actionable information to subscribers through 8x faster search
  • How Algolia Is Powering Up ProdPad’s Help Center
  • How PubNub is using Algolia Site Search to shorten the buyer’s journey
  • Quadrant.io solves the frustration of economic data search with Algolia
  • Sharypic benefits from Algolia Search
  • Rapid growth requires rapid search that scales to over 2.5 billion annual searches
  • How Société Générale wins talent through search
  • How Algolia keeps all your data safe but searchable on Solid
  • Uses Algolia to power Radio-as-a-service to 8 million users worldwide
  • Teachers Pay Teachers building a rich and flexible search platform to scale a growing marketplace
  • Boosting production productivity at The Times through high-performing, highly-relevant search
  • How Algolia Increased TradePub.com’s Search Conversions by 70%
  • Ubisoft rich Salesforce Commerce Cloud search in every country, on every device
  • 35% higher conversion rate when using search
  • Building a Video Discovery Platform with Algolia
  • How WW leverages Algolia voice search
  • WW - Customer Case Study
  • New, lightning-quick search solution boosts Zoom's overall revenue by 14%

About Algolia

Algolia is an API platform for dynamic experiences that helps businesses maximize the speed of search and discovery, while solving the pain of relevance tuning through AI. Accessing the right piece of content on websites and apps has never been faster or more intuitive. Algolia Search is a powerful, fully hosted API that delivers content to users in milliseconds. Developers can customize the relevance of their user experience and get insights on how users interact with it. Algolia Recommend is a robust API that allows you to build unique product recommendations into any digital ecommerce experience.

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