53 Chargebee Case Studies

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Read 53 Case Studies from users in the Financial Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How Australia-based A Cloud Guru Scaled their Subscription Model, with Chargebee
  • Advocately helps more companies find happy customers, with Chargebee
  • How Animalz streamlined their Account Receivables at a cost of less than 1% of their annual recurring revenue, using Chargebee
  • How AX Semantics improvedcross-functional performance by tracking Customer LTV on RevenueStory
  • How BitGym Grew, with an 80% Boost in Productivity, using Chargebee
  • How CircleLoop Aligned their Sales and Operations Seamlessly To Automate Revenue Operations, with Chargebee
  • How Codacy saved tons of development hours, with Chargebee
  • How the Sales Team at Coorpacademy Spent 50% Less Time on Non-selling Tasks after Using Chargebee + Salesforce
  • Deliverr - Customer Case Study
  • How Doctify streamlined their Revenue Operations to increase efficiency, with Chargebee
  • How Doodle scaled globally after moving from a monolithic architecture to subscriptions model, with Chargebee
  • How Australia-based Drawboard expanded globally to new markets using Chargebee
  • How Fishburners saves 105 hours/month of manual accounting with Chargebee & Xero
  • How Freedom improved conversions by 33% with a stellar billing experience, using Chargebee
  • How Freshdesk Unlocked Massive Scale
  • How GetAccept grew their revenue 4x in 12 months
  • How GuavaPass helps more people get fitter, with Chargebee
  • How Harvestr witnessed a growth of 15% on their MRR, with Chargebee
  • How Hoxton Mix saves 60 developer hours per month with Chargebee
  • How HQLabs built a Zapier Automation for Efficient Affiliate Management, using Chargebee
  • How Process Automation Enabled Instaply to Scale and Set Foot in Europe
  • How Jiobit scaled and monetized its IoT Subscriptions using Chargebee
  • Leadinfo Scaled Globally 3x Faster With Chargebee
  • How LiveSession grew 7x over 6 months, using Chargebee's Freemium offering
  • How Chargebee Cut Down Livestorm’s Support Time by Half
  • Scaling from 4 to 31 Different Markets in a Year
  • Oklahoma Shirt Company - Customer Case Study
  • How Proxyclick Scaled to Newer Territories with Optimized Subscription and Revenue Operations
  • How RangeMe Reduced Churn and Scaled to 2,000+ Customers
  • How Rented Uses Chargebee to Reduce Churn, Forecast Better, and Drive Customer Loyalty
  • How Riddle improved their Subscription Efficiency & Renewals by 63%, using Chargebee
  • How Rise Vision saved 50% time reconciling numbers with their monthly financials, with RevenueStory
  • How Screencastify scaled to support millions of users and augmented their revenue on autopilot, using Chargebee
  • How ScreenCloud course-corrected their churn with critical SaaS Quick Ratio, using RevenueStory
  • How Sharetribe helps more businesses iterate faster, with Chargebee
  • How Sisu Built An Efficient Sales Engine, with Chargebee and Salesforce
  • How Chargebee fueled Slidebean’s global expansion to 30+ countries
  • Soylent - Customer Case Study
  • Study.com Scaled Painlessly to Millions of Users and 5 Products With Chargebee
  • How Superfoods Company managed over 200,000 subscribers with natural superfood tablets, competitive pricing, and Chargebee
  • How TokyoTreat Built a Snackable, Scalable D2C Subscription Business with Chargebee
  • How Trade Ideas Generated 4X Revenue for Every Dollar Spent on Chargebee
  • How Chargebee helped Trail Reduce Time Spent on Subscription Management by 80%
  • Triggered Messaging - Customer Case Study
  • Doubling Revenue Projections, Maintaining a Churn Rate of < 1% Trusted Tech Team’s Winning Strategy
  • How YC-backed UpCodes simplified their subscription billing operations to scale exponentially, with Chargebee
  • How Userlane closed their month-end financials in 80% less time, with Chargebee
  • How Vinyl Me, Please is making music purists happy, with Chargebee
  • How Italy-based Voverc Conquered Compliance with Mandatory B2B e-invoicing, using Chargebee
  • Web Shop Manager Improved Their Productivity by 50% Using Chargebee, Compared to Zuora
  • How Whiteboard reduced Churn by 100% using Chargebee
  • How Europe-based Yousign Handled Hyper-growth During COVID, with Chargebee
  • How Chargebee Untangled Zenchef from Spaghetti Billing and Set Them up for Flexibility at Scale

About Chargebee

Chargebee is a PCI Level 1 certified recurring billing platform for subscription-based SaaS and eCommerce businesses. Chargebee integrates with the leading payment gateways around the world to let you automate payment collection, invoicing, email notifications and customer management. With power-packed integrations such as MailChimp, ShipStation, Salesforce, and Shopify, Chargebee takes the pain out of subscription billing.

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