52 Criteria Corp Case Studies

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Read 52 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Criteria Helps Armorous Improve Quality of Hire for Security Officers
  • ASK Reduces Turnover by 59% and Raises the Bar on Quality of Hire
  • Manufacturing Company Predicts Performance using Criteria
  • SalesAP and CBST Predict Success For Collections Agents
  • Clean MD Reduces Turnover and Achieves Major Cost Savings
  • Consulting Firm Improves Job Performance and Retention for Analysts
  • Sales Reps Who Pass the CCAT and EPP Generate 7x More Revenue
  • Family Health Clinics Use CBST to Predict Performance for Patient-Facing Staff
  • Federal regulatory authority predicts job performance and career advancement
  • Call Center Reduces Turnover by 65% in One Year
  • Heavy Machinery Supplier Reduces Safety Incidents and Saves Money with the WSP
  • Incept Saves Hundreds of Recruiting Hours with Criteria
  • Call Center Uses the SalesAP to Increase Revenue-Per-Day
  • Advertising Firm Predicts Success for Inside Sales with the SalesAP
  • Janico Adopts a Mobile-Friendly Assessment Process to Find Candidates Where They Are
  • Financial Institution Improves Recruitment Outcomes with Emotify
  • Manufacturer Uses Mechanical Aptitude Test to Enhance Hiring Process
  • Restaurant/Lounge Chain Increases Sales with Criteria
  • Software Company Predicts Salespeople Who Generate 2-4x More Revenue
  • Leading Apparel Retailer Increases Sales with Criteria
  • Digital marketing agency predicts call center sales rep success
  • Call Center Uses Emotional Intelligence to Predict Performance in Reps
  • Emergency Services Provider reduces sick days and compensation claims
  • Call Center Reduces Turnover by Using CBST to Select Employees
  • Financial Firm Predicts Employee Performance with CCAT
  • Employees who Pass the WPP are 4x More Likely to Have Good Attendance
  • Professional services firm hires more diverse and higher performing employees
  • Cognify Predicts Success Across a Wide Range of Performance Metrics
  • Retailer Uses WPP Integrity Test to Reduce Disciplinary Problem
  • Leading Transportation and Logistics Company Reduces Workplace Accidents
  • Wholesale Distributor Improves Performance and Productivity
  • Macfab Achieves a 90% Hiring Success Rate with Criteria
  • Manufacturing Company Hires More Diverse, Higher Performing Workforce
  • Consumer Finance Company Uses CCAT to Lower Hiring and Training Costs
  • Manufacturer Increases Training Completion Rates and Retention for Technicians
  • Mining and Construction Company Reduces Risk of Accidents on Site
  • Multinational Tech Company Modernizes its Employer Brand with Cognify
  • Managers Who Pass the EPP Are 30% More Productive
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test Used to Improve Hiring Accuracy, Predict Productivity
  • painPRO Therapeutics Reduces Time to Hire by 94%
  • SBMA Reduced Time Spent Hiring by 63%
  • Schweiger Dermatology Group Reduces Turnover by 57%
  • Technology Company Improves Performance of its Software Engineers
  • Technology Company Uses Epp To Drive Higher Sales
  • Market Research Firm Uses Criteria to Predict Employee Productivity
  • Primary Care Clinics Increase Productivity and Patient Satisfaction
  • Unyson Logistics Uses CBST to Improve Hiring Success Rate
  • Retailer Uses WPP Integrity Test to Help Reduce Disciplinary Problem
  • Call Center Uses the SalesAP to Increase Revenue-Per-Day
  • Technology Call Center Uses the CCAT to Reduce Turnover
  • Credit Union Improves Quality-of-Hire
  • Westport Linen Achieves 3x Retention and Better Quality of Hire with Criteria

About Criteria Corp

Criteria Corp is a leading provider of web-based pre-employment testing services. Criteria's mission is to make high-quality pre-employment testing solutions accessible to companies of all sizes. Our testing system, HireSelect, is an SaaS (software as a service) solution that enables organizations to better manage their most important asset - their human capital - by providing state-of-the-art assessment tools to increase the effectiveness of the employee selection and retention process. HireSelect features aptitude, personality, and skills tests.

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