30 Aspire Case Studies

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Read 30 Case Studies from real Aspire users sharing their business challenges and results after using Aspire software.

  • How a high-end fashion manufacturer manages influencer marketing for multiple brands quickly and easily
  • How Aura Frames scaled influencer content which attributed to 20% of sales
  • How the leading educational subscription box powers their paid ads with influencer generated content
  • Brook and York - Customer Case Study
  • How an organic skin care brand’s authentic approach to influencer marketing boosted sales by 60%
  • How a high end fashion manufacturer manages influencer marketing for multiple brands
  • How a baggage company leverages influencer-generated content to scale authentic content
  • How a major chain of hair removal salons leverages influencers to scale authentic content
  • How influencer content helped Greats successfully sell out inventory months ahead of schedule
  • How Grubhub adds the human element to their creative with influencer marketing
  • How a fitness brand acquires new customers by leveraging influencer content
  • How a health-product retailer successfully leverages influencer marketing to reach global markets
  • How Klorane leveraged influencer marketing to sell out new product line
  • How a beverage brands reaches new markets with influencer marketing
  • How an in-house team scaled a influencer program & generated millions of impressions without compromising organic relationships
  • How a beauty brand produces 10 times the amount of content without increasing their marketing budget
  • Mountain Rose Herbs - Customer Case Study
  • How a fitness company transformed its community-first influencer strategy into a successful content machine
  • How Ovation Hair used influencer marketing to discover a record-breaking untapped market
  • How a hair care brand leverages influencer content to reach adiverse audience
  • How a home brand differentiates itself by leveraging a community of diverse content creators
  • How a home decor brand leveraged influencer marketing to foster community
  • How a small skincare brand stretched its budget through influencer product seeding
  • How a wellness brand scaled its influencer community by 300% and boosted engagement by 3x
  • How a premium pet food brand scales content creation that targets their ideal customer
  • How a baby products company used influencer content to launch a new brand and fuel its marketing channels
  • How Bouqs used influencer-generated content to optimize ads and increase engagement
  • How Tria saved money and boosted sales by managing influencer marketing with Aspire
  • Why a footwear brand recommends AspireIQ to manage influencer marketing
  • How a fast growing activewear brand leverages influencers to source high performing content that fuels their marketing channels

About Aspire

Aspire is the influencer marketing platform empowering ecommerce brands to build and cultivate influential communities of influencers, ambassadors, affiliates, customers, and more. Brands using Aspire can discover authentic partners, streamline relationships, scale their programs, and measure true business impact — regardless of where they are in their influencer marketing journey. Aspire is trusted by Glossier, Coola, Bombas, Newell, Ruggable, and over 400 additional customers. Investors include Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Pear.vc, and more. For more information, visit www.aspire.io.

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