47 Melissa Case Studies

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Read 47 Case Studies from real Melissa users sharing their business challenges and results after using Melissa software.

  • How Listware Reconnected Altapass with Lost Supporters After 8 Years
  • Accurate Contact Data is the Difference Between Life and Death
  • Healthcare Organization Scrubs Data Using SQL Server Tools
  • How car2go improved Customer Onboarding, with greater satisfaction and powerful data security
  • Data Processing Service Discovers ‘Match’ to Help Clients
  • Consulting Firm Helps Nonprofit Organizations Update their Data
  • Clairvoyix Cleans Critical Marketing Data with Melissa’s Data Quality Suite
  • Real Estate Investor Fuels More Qualified Leads with Free Online Lookups
  • Melissa Helps Clik2Flip Boost Revenue and Subscriptions and Reduce Churn
  • Connectify Cleans Co-Registration Data with Address Verification Web Service
  • Publishing Company Grows With Help From Software Provider
  • CXT Software Strengthens Dispatch Efficiency with Geocoding Tool
  • Theater Reduces Undeliverable Mail with NCOA Link® Move-Update Processing Service
  • How Delta Faucet Improves Call Center Processes with Global Address Autocompletion
  • EDA Gives Clients a Competitive Edge via Deduplication Tool
  • Listware Gives EdVantage the Advantage with Accurate Data for Strategic Communications
  • EDA Gives Clients Competitive Edge via Deduplication Tool
  • eToro, the world’s leading social investing platform uses Melissa electronic identity verification (eIDV) to streamline onboarding and combat fraud
  • Frito-Lay Bolsters Delivery Efficiency with GeoCoder
  • HealthLink Dimensions Combats Constantly Changing Data with Verification Tools
  • Fashion House HIRMER Successfully Expands Internationally with Melissa
  • How Melissa helps online retailers close sales, increase sales
  • How to make e-commerce address verification a fine art
  • Massive Address Reconciliation Using Contact Zone
  • Lithographic Communications - Customer Case Study
  • Clean Data Can Mean Life or Death in Pre-Hospital Care
  • How MetaBank Prevents Prepaid CardFraud with the Data Quality Suite
  • Metafile Partners up to Provide Clients with Updated Records
  • Total Data Quality – Just What the Doctor Ordered
  • Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center - Customer Case Study
  • Department of Banking Protects Against Fraud, Enhances Outreach with Data Quality Suite
  • Using Data to Power their Business Has Resulted in a 140% ROI Thanks to Pentaho and Melissa Data
  • Project Open Hand - Customer Case Study
  • PCI Utilizes Web-Based Data Verification Solution to Streamline Operations
  • Local Restaurant Uses Email Marketing to Promote Live Entertainment
  • Siemens Automatically Validates Global Address Data with Melissa
  • SKR Reisen optimises customer experiences with Melissa
  • SMARTech Integrates Enterprise Data Quality Platform to Consolidate Data Sets
  • Symmetry Determines Proper Tax Withholding Using Rooftop Geocoding
  • Telephone Town Hall Meeting Uses Phone Append Service to Increase Constituent Outreach
  • The City of Burbank Increases Address Accuracy to Improve Citizen Services, Census Data and Collaboration Across Teams
  • City of Tempe Utilizes Address Validation Tool to Build Data Warehouse
  • City of Tempe Utilizes Address Validation Tool to Build Data Warehouse
  • Dental School’s Patient Database Gets a Check Up with Data Quality Suite
  • University Increases Revenue Ten-Fold with Melissa’s Data Quality Solutions
  • WCA Nets 1,010% ROI + 253% Increase in Lead Creation with Address Autocomplete
  • Melissa dramatically reduces fraudulent e-commerce transactions for online automotive retailer by 90+%

About Melissa

Melissa helps organizations profile, cleanse and verify, dedupe and enrich all their people data (name, address, email and phone number) and more. With clean, accurate and up-to-date customer information, organizations can monetize Big Data, improve sales and marketing, reduce costs and drive business insight.

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