53 BrightEdge Case Studies

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Read 53 Case Studies from real BrightEdge users sharing their business challenges and results after using BrightEdge software.

  • 3M Captures $300,000 a Year in Organic Value
  • Adobe Achieves Over 5,900 Quick Answer Boxes on Google and 84%+ Share of Voice
  • How Adobe Won 66% Share of Voice
  • AIS Media, Inc. Secures Local 3-Pack, Increases Monthly Visitors 60% for FUNtastic Dental
  • Cabela’s Masters Content Performance Marketing and Organic Trafc with BrightEdge
  • Cabela’s Customer Journey Strategy: Right Content, Right Place, Right Time
  • Elevating SEO at Cleveland Clinic: 43% Increase in Trafc, 16% Increase in Appointment Sessions, 2/3 of Visitors Now Come from Organic Search
  • Delta Education Increases Organic Trafc by 230% in 4 Months with Compelling Customer Journey Mapping
  • Direct Agents Helps Client Increase Organic Rankings 157%
  • Dumpsters.com Earns 38 Quick Answers with a Single Page Using the BrightEdge Platform
  • Epicor Overcomes Penguin Penalty
  • Fathom Finds 52% of Non-Branded KWs are Volatile
  • Ecommerce Retailer Finish Line Generates a 258% Increase in Organic Traffic Against Established Competitors with BrightEdge
  • Groupon Finds Up to 60% of Direct Traffic Search
  • IBM Transforms Its SEO Practice with BrightEdge
  • How Wpromote used BrightEdge to help InterDent drive 98% growth in Local 3-Pack rankings
  • Kiddie Academy Achieves 249% Increase in High Ranking Keywords
  • Kroll Increases Share of Voice on Key Search Term by 285%, 7% to 27%
  • L’Oréal Uses BrightEdge to Improve Positioning for Voice Search
  • Laboratory Equipment Company Labconco Increases Online Leads with BrightEdge
  • Tahoe South Organic Mobile Traffic Increases 345%
  • Advanced Recovery Systems Increases SEO Revenue 87% in 1 Year
  • Lou Malnati’s Restaurant Drives 30% Revenue Gain As Predicted by BrightEdge Opportunity Forecasting
  • Meda Healthcare Sees 38% Growth in Organic Trafc in First Month Using BrightEdge
  • How Did Meritene and NEO Exponentially Grow Organic Traffic Through Health Content and Take Top Rank from Wikipedia
  • The Network Increases Organic Trafc by 226%, Outpositions Major Competitor
  • Noble Studio Drives 40% Year-on-Year Gains in Organic Search Across Client Base
  • How OnDeck won in Quick Answers with technical SEO using ContentIQ and Data Cube
  • Philips Blog Pilot for SEO Gains Drives 10,000 Visits Per Month in a Single Market
  • Plow & Hearth Increases Weekly SEO Revenue 1157%
  • Quill Increases Organic Blog Traffc by Over 270% In 1 year by Improving Page Load Time and Content Strategy
  • Rackspace Increases Organic, Non-Branded KW Traffic 212%
  • Ecommerce Retailer Rocky Brands Increases Organic Revenue 30% in 2018 Using the BrightEdge Platform
  • Utilizing BrightEdge Data Cube to Mine Big Data and Gain Insights
  • Schneider Drives SEO Maturity and Adoption Through the BrightEdge Platform, 500+ Users
  • Seagate - Customer Case Study
  • Seagate Maps Customer Journey and Generates 20% Increase in Trafc
  • soak.com Increases SEO Channel Contribution 30%
  • STACK Media - Customer Case Study
  • Stanley Doubles Traffic and Revenue with Effective Site Migration Using BrightEdge
  • Ecommerce Retailer Sweetwater Tackles Technical SEO, Sees 38% Increase in Organic-Assisted Transactions
  • Container Store Increases Organic Trafc Revenue 96% in 7 Months
  • The Network Increases Organic Traffic by 226%
  • How AIS Media helped THRIVE drive a 65% increase in organic traffic
  • How Time Increased Key Search Traffic Over 45%
  • Tiny Prints Sees Organic Search Gains
  • Twilio Blows Out the Longtail Opportunity and Drives An 86% Increase in Trafc to Glossary Pages
  • UC Davis Achieves a 31% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • UL Increases Page Impressions by 2 Million in 6 Months
  • BrightEdge Intent Signal Helps UniqueVintage.com Optimize New Visitor Acquisition
  • Wellbiz Brands Masters Local Search for Hundreds of Local Franchise Locations
  • Wiley Uses BrightEdge to Overcome Algorithm Penalty and Capture $1,860,000+ Annually on Two Product Lines
  • Non-Profit Yosemite/Mariposa County Tourism Bureau Sees 54% Increase in Organic After Site Migration with BrightEdge and Noble

About BrightEdge

BrightEdge is the essential content marketing platform that transforms online content into tangible business results such as traffic, revenue and engagement. BrightEdge's S3 platform is powered by a sophisticated big data analysis engine and is the only company capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social and mobile. More than 8500 global brands including 3M, Microsoft, Netflix and Nike leverage BrightEdge technology. The company is based in San Mateo, CA with offices in New York City, Chicago and London.

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