39 Bridge Case Studies

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Read 39 Case Studies from real Bridge users sharing their business challenges and results after using Bridge software.

  • Learning Strategies that Support Independent Distributors Through 4Life University
  • How Workfront Leverages Bridge to Educate, Engage and Develop their Global Sales Workforce
  • How Bluegrass Cellular Improved Performance Through Knowledge Transfer
  • Transparent Alignment Through Clear Employee Engagement
  • Winning Hearts and Minds: Investing In Transformative Growth Cultures
  • Cardon Outreach - Customer Case Study
  • Personalizing Critical Safety & Compliance Training
  • Leadership Behaviors: When Employee Development Becomes a Mindset
  • Developing a Dynamic Approach for Learning Compliance in Higher Education
  • How the Training and Support Team at Configura Enables Impactful Learning for Customers
  • Keeping Pace With the Changing Nature of Government Jobs
  • Facilitating Practical, On-Demand Professional Development for Educators
  • Managing Cybersecurity Learning in the Age of Hyper Connectivity
  • Cultivating Future-Ready Educational Programs
  • Foundation Center - Customer Case Study
  • GE Offers Leadership Training to Its High-Potential Team Members and Helps them Retain What They Learn
  • Closing Skill Gaps for the World's Underserved Youth
  • Golden Nugget Hits the Talent Development Jackpot
  • The Bridge User Experience Helped Hutchinson Community College Revitalize Students' Pursuit of Knowledge
  • One Training Solution for Many Business Entities—and Thousands of Dispersed Employees
  • How a Development Mindset Propels a Future-ready Organization
  • Lowes Uses Bridge to Create a Culture of Quick and Relevant Learning in the Rapidly Evolving Retail World
  • Creating a Competitive Advantage With a Culture of Learning
  • Movement Mortgage - Customer Case Study
  • With Bridge, Pepperdine University Bridged the Executive-Security Officer Communication Gap
  • Progressive Leasing - Customer Case Study
  • How Transforming the Digital Journey Affects Growth and Development
  • How Red Door Interactive Made its Onboarding and Employee Development Programs More Efficient
  • Empowering a Culture Shift Through Innovative Learning and Development
  • With Bridge, SafetyNow Creates Engaging Safety and Compliance Training that Reduces Clients' Accident Rates
  • Motivating Sales Staff with Relevant Training and Development
  • When Agility and Scale Are Leveraged to Empower the Modern Learner to Actively Gain Knowledge
  • The Delta Companies’ Redefines its Approach to Training and Compliance Programs
  • Transamerican Auto Parts Helps its Employees Get the Right Training and Development as the Company Rapidly Grows
  • UCSF CEPC Moved its in-Person Training to Bridge Practice, Improving Reach, Engagement, and Health Coaching
  • Improving Surgical Residents' Skills With Video-Based Practice
  • Designing People Centric Learning to Further Optimize Human Capital
  • Making the Best Investments in Dispersed-Workforce Training
  • How Working Links transformed employees’ personal accountability for learning and development with Bridge

About Bridge

Bridge is an innovative, outcome-focused learning and performance management suite that empowers businesses to develop their workforce, ensure better employee experience, and increase employee retention through performance and learning management software. That way, businesses take care of their most valuable asset — their people.

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