51 CallFire Case Studies

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Read 51 Case Studies from users in the Telecommunications industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Cloud Call Center Improves Operational Efficiency
  • Photography Agency Books 500 Weddings with CCC
  • Environmental Specialists Use CCC to Keep Their Business Steady During the Winter Months
  • Electrical Company Figures Out Where to Save on Advertising
  • All Copy Products - Customer Case Study
  • Agents Dial Up to 240 Calls Per Day at Investing Firm Using CCC
  • Cloud Call Center helps agents save money and time
  • Automotive Capital Resources Sees Increase in Contacts with CallFire
  • Blood Center Sees Positive Donor Responses with CallFire
  • Voice Broadcasting Connects All Bob’s Stores Associates When Disaster Hits
  • Boltd Auction Effectively Reaches Potential Bidders with Voice Broadcast
  • Cloud Call Center and IVR Help Bank Collect Auto Loan Payments
  • Cloud Call Center Connects Contractors to Investors
  • Voice Broadcast Quickly Informs Congregation Members of Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet
  • Call Tracking Optimizes Contractor Advertising's Marketing Budget
  • Darren for Delegate - Customer Case Study
  • SMS Texting Beefs Up Fitness 19's Bottom Line
  • Get Out the Vote - Customer Case Study
  • Grand Rapids Community College Voice Broadcast & SMS for Communication
  • Voice Broadcast Sends Alerts to Community Residents
  • IVR Solution Streamlines a Tennessee Water Utility's Flow of Efficiency
  • Property Manager Strategically Maximizes Potential Buyers With Call Tracking
  • CallFire Trims in-Shape Health Club's Expenses with Voice Broadcast
  • Roofing Company Strengthens Customer Relationships with Call Tracking
  • Kyle Moyer and Company - Customer Case Study
  • Macomb County Campaign for Liberty - Customer Case Study
  • Maine People's Alliance Doubles Calling Efficiency with Cloud Call Center
  • MoveOn.org Scales IVR Platform to Track Campaign Efforts
  • MyRealEstateTutor - Customer Case Study
  • Cloud Call Center Enables Volunteers to Reach Thousands of Voters
  • Planet Fitness Slims Down Collections Costs with SMS and Voice Broadcast
  • Prince George's County Young Democrats - Customer Case Study
  • IVR Platform Enables Medical Research in Developing Nations Via Mobile
  • Real Estate Investment Firm Uses Voice Broadcast
  • Voice Broadcast solution assists clients in obtaining healthcare
  • CallFire’s Tele-pH-ony Solutions for Sevenpoint2
  • SMS Texting Offers Effective Solutions For Emergency Notifications
  • Grassroots Outreach Group Dials Impressive Amount of Constituents with CCC
  • Voice Broadcast Boosts Mystery Shopping Company's Productivity
  • CallFire Helps Financial Services Expand Business
  • Pet Company Revamps Business Using Call Tracking
  • Voice Broadcast Platform Launches Shoe Business into National Spotlight
  • The Sports Brokers SMS for News and Updates
  • Travis County Republican Party - Customer Case Study
  • Cloud Call Center Helps Tuff Shed Exceed Sales Expectations
  • Locksmith Dramatically Decreases Costs with Inexpensive Call Forwarding
  • Urbanspoon SMS for Collecting Information During Emergency
  • Utilities Company Uses Voice Broadcast to Collect Payments
  • Using SMS Text Messaging to efficiently send thousands of customers payment reminders
  • Cloud Call Center Helps Connect Bible Translators Around the World
  • Cloud Call Center’s Efficient Calling Solution Helps Campaign Raise $6.3 Million in Donations

About CallFire

CallFire provides a reliable, enterprise-grade VoIP platform that powers voice broadcasts, call centers, call tracking, and text messaging campaigns. With a staff of 15 employees, CallFire has over 30,000 customers including political groups, non-profits, insurance agents, small business owners, and marketers. Headquarted in Santa Monica, CA, CallFire is dedicated to providing high-availability systems, intuitive user interfaces, furious developer support, and unparalleled customer care in order to transform how companies do business.

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