64 AuraQuantic Case Studies

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Read 64 Case Studies from real AuraQuantic users sharing their business challenges and results after using AuraQuantic software.

  • Alianza Insurance boosts customer satisfaction by improving process monitoring and auditing by 90%
  • Alquería - Customer Case Study
  • Andorra Turisme - Customer Case Study
  • Arce Legalizaciones - Customer Case Study
  • ArcelorMittal - Customer Case Study
  • ATIS Ketchum - Customer Case Study
  • ATIS Ketchum - Customer Case Study
  • ATIS Ketchum - Customer Case Study
  • Baleària launches a new innovation project on AuraQuantic
  • Balfegó Grup implements AuraPortal BPM Suite as a corporate platform for the business process automation of the whole company
  • Grup Balfegó World’s first complete Traceability System
  • Banco de Finanzas (BDF) - Customer Case Study
  • BDF manages over 30 different banking processes and over 1.000 different types of tasks with AuraQuantic
  • Bantrab reduces purchase processing times by 60% with AuraQuantic
  • CAF Power & Automation - Customer Case Study
  • Canalbank chooses AuraQuantic to improve customer experience
  • CardNET reduced work from hours to minutes
  • Certero digitizes 95% of its processes in 4 months
  • ChevyPlan considerably expedites vehicle provision thanks to the increased control of information
  • Click Seguridad Jurídica automates more than 20 fiduciary-related processes
  • CMI presents its Continuous Improvement practices at the APQC 2022 Conference
  • Credicorp Capital Colombia implements the AuraPortal BPM suite to control its operations
  • CRISFE Foundation achieves complete visibility across all departments with AuraQuantic
  • AuraQuantic becomes a key platform for process automation and digitization at Dadelos
  • ElPozo Alimentación - Customer Case Study
  • EPM Group - Customer Case Study
  • The Solidarity and Social Investment Fund (FOSIS) standardizes administrative processes with AuraQuantic
  • Automation the path to modernization and growth
  • Frutas Bean Uses Auraquantic on Mobile Devices to Connect Its Widely Dispersed Employees and to Improve Product Quality Control
  • FUNAT - Customer Case Study
  • Fundación Séneca - Customer Case Study
  • GMX Seguros - Customer Case Study
  • How GP Strategies gains a competitive edge through digital transformation
  • Grup Heracles reduces its administrative burden by 80% thanks to AuraQuantic
  • HDM, a digitization leader in the furniture and wood industry
  • IBR Latam - Customer Case Study
  • INCMNSZ - Customer Case Study
  • Infotic S.A. - Customer Case Study
  • INTECO endeavors to digitalize its services with AuraQuantic
  • Telecommunications company KPN automates dispatch, logistics (stock control) and service processes with AuraQuantic
  • Licores de Guatemala remodels its purchasing cycle on AuraQuantic
  • Masymas Supermarkets - Customer Case Study
  • Ministry of the Interior of Colombia (SIPI) - Customer Case Study
  • Ministry of the Interior of Colombia (SIPI) - Customer Case Study
  • New Millennia Group Ltd - Customer Case Study
  • Nissan achieves digital transformation with AuraQuantic
  • PEMEX uses AuraQuantic BPM to automate strategic processes in the Exploration and Production Division
  • Personal Paraguay puts an end to administrative overload with AuraQuantic
  • Pret Communique - Customer Case Study
  • Pret Communique develops its own commission system on AuraQuantic
  • Procter & Gamble - Customer Case Study
  • Q-Safety automates more than 400 business processes linked to health and safety on construction sites
  • Quimtia - Customer Case Study
  • Serikat begins digitization of the HR department by automating the recruitment process
  • SERNAGEOMIN establishes a new administrative culture with AuraQuantic
  • SISA successfully implements its 100% no-code processes in just 3 months
  • SISA - Customer Case Study
  • SURA Seguros - Customer Case Study
  • Technical University of the North - Customer Case Study
  • TENCO managed to automate 19 classes of process in just 60 days
  • TOYOTA Spain - Customer Case Study
  • TRAC Rehabilitació - Customer Case Study
  • UNITECO - Customer Case Study
  • AuraPortal meets all expectations, filling the gaps that a conventional ERP is not able to fill

About AuraQuantic

AuraQuantic is a no-code digital platform designed for business users to easily and rapidly build unlimited processes and applications to automate end-to-end operations, reducing costs and optimizing productivity. It combines the sophistication of iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suite) for process automation with integration, innovation and intuitive design environments for you to easily optimize and transform business operations. Turn your ideas into applications with our easy-to-use Digital Platform and accelerate your digital transformation.

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