28 Appcues Case Studies

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Read 28 Case Studies from real Appcues users sharing their business challenges and results after using Appcues software.

  • How Accelo used Appcues to scale customer success and support and increase help guide interaction by 253%
  • How AdRoll's growth team uses Appcues to onboard and retain over 35,000 users
  • AdRoll’s Growth Team’s Secret Weapon to Drive Conversions
  • How Amplitude bypassed engineering bottlenecks by using Appcues to educate users
  • How Appointlet used Appcues to 2X conversions and run multichannel campaigns with the Zapier Integration
  • How Bynder increased the speed of sales with a self-service product demo
  • How CMAP improves feature adoption with Appcues
  • EZ Texting - Customer Case Study
  • How Feefo used Appcues for a seamless redesign launch
  • How Firstbird uses Appcues for UX personalization
  • How GetResponse boosted activation and adoption using Appcues
  • How GoToWebinar improved activation, increased beta opt-in, and seamlessly migrated to a new UI with Appcues
  • How HubSpot Uses Appcues to Make its Users More Successful
  • How Indiegogo uses Appcues to communicate product updates contextually
  • How Litmus used Appcues to increase feature adoption by 2100%
  • How 3 Appcues customers are using no-code tracking and measurement to inform product decisions and improve user experiences
  • How n2y delivered self-service support and reduced contact ratio by 400% with Appcues
  • How PatientSky used Appcues to announce updates, gather feedback, and generate referrals
  • Printify saw a 10% uplift in Flow conversion using the power of data and Appcues
  • Privy uses Appcues to double meetings booked
  • How ProdPad Used Code-Free User Onboarding to Decrease Their Trial-to-Paid Period by 80%
  • How ProfitWell used Appcues to increase first-week retention by 20%
  • How Sitemate used Appcues to go global and 2X their engagement rate in 6 months
  • How Storyboard That Increased Free Trial Conversion by 112% Using Appcues
  • How Take used Appcues to increase activation by 124% and reduce time to value by 9.7X
  • How Toast uses Appcues to deliver personalized user experiences
  • Vidyard uses Appcues to optimize new user activation and time-to-value
  • How Yotpo uses Appcues to improve product adoption

About Appcues

Appcues makes it easy to deliver exceptional user experiences at scale, leading to happier customers and accelerated business growth. Using their Product-Led Growth Platform, anybody can publish beautiful and personalized in-product experiences (tooltips, modals, etc.) in minutes, measure the impact on key business results, and know when and how to intervene with a human touchpoint.

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