36 MotionPoint Case Studies

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Read 36 Case Studies from real MotionPoint users sharing their business challenges and results after using MotionPoint software.

  • Increasing Domestic Sales, Thanks to Global Customers
  • Fast Fashion Icon Achieves Even Faster Growth
  • Aventa Credit Union Succeeds with Website Translation
  • Luxury Hotel Brings 5-Star Online Experience to International Guests
  • Saving Children’s Lives with Vaccines and Technology
  • An innovative translation solution for a groundbreaking portal product
  • Extending the Global Customer Journey with Localized Support Content
  • Expanding Global Reach in 30 Key Markets, Fast
  • Hardinge Launches Eight Multilingual Websites with MotionPoint to Better Serve Global Customers
  • Accelerating Hispanic Market Growth with a Localized Customer Portal
  • Localized Spanish Sites Help JetBlue’s Sales Soar
  • JetBlue’s focus on mobile exemplifies a positive and customer-centric approach, writes a MotionPoint executive
  • JetBlue Sees ‘Significant’ Revenue Increase Using MotionPoint’s Solution
  • Effortlessly Serving Multilingual Customers with Superior Speed
  • Master Lock, a Longtime MotionPoint Customer, Shares Global Success Stories
  • Securing International Growth Without Increasing Overhead
  • Multilingual Websites Make a Difference
  • Payless Gains Footing with Hispanic Audience by Launching Spanish Website
  • Rio Bank Wins With First-Rate Website Translation
  • Achieving Sky-High Success Among U.S. Hispanics
  • Static Control Launches Multilingual Websites with MotionPoint to Support Global Growth
  • Heating Up Global Marketing with a Streamlined Solution
  • Five of the Top 10 U.S. Health Insurers Use MotionPoint
  • Cruise Leader Makes Waves with Translated Portal & Omnichannel
  • Improving the Global Online Experience with Localization
  • Boosting Revenue—and Customer Satisfaction—with Secure, Localized Portals
  • Six of the Top 10 U.S. Banks Use MotionPoint’s Solution
  • U.S. Health Agency Rapidly—and Effortlessly—Serves Multilingual Citizens During Coronavirus Pandemic
  • U.S. Manufacturer Earns Customer Loyalty in Latin America
  • Empowering Employees with Localized Secure Portals
  • United States Department of Health & Human Services - Customer Case Study
  • Urban Health Plan Incorporates Spanish Website
  • Bringing the Hip and Unique to Europe, China and Beyond
  • Viceroy Hotel Group Serves Arabic-Speaking Customers Online
  • Hotelier’s Arabic Website Generates Increase in Bookings
  • Providing Translations with Nuance, Empathy and Compassion

About MotionPoint

MotionPoint is a turn-key localization solution that collects, translates and deploys website and omnichannel content in any language, while dramatically reducing the effort and costs associated with other translation approaches. Effortless: We handle virtually all the tasks required to localize, deploy and operate multilingual websites. This includes translation, publication, configuration, hosting, software updates, ongoing management and more. Technological Flexibility: MotionPoint operates independently from your CMS, ensuring full compatibility with your technology stack. It also handles complex single-page applications, secure login experiences and dynamic frameworks. Translation Quality: A dedicated team of linguists localize your website and digital content every day, ensuring fluency in your brand and communication goals. They are also experts in your industry. Our translation processes are ISO-certified. Superior Speed-to-Market: We fully translate and deploy multilingual websites in as little as 30 days, and typically localize new website content in one business day. Beyond Translation: Our solution improves the business performance of your translated websites by applying international SEO and optimizing its localized CX. We translate omnichannel content, too. Visit www.MotionPoint.com to learn more.

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