30 Amperity Case Studies

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Read 30 Case Studies from real Amperity users sharing their business challenges and results after using Amperity software.

  • Alaska Airlines boosts customer experience to soaring heights
  • BECU creates 360-degree, data-driven customer journey with Amperity
  • Taking Customer Data to the Bank
  • Brooks Running goes for gold with unified customer data
  • Brooks Running Improves Paid Search Click-Through Rate by 260% Using Amperity on AWS
  • Driving Revenue with Better Personalization
  • Deckers Brands - Customer Case Study
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods - Customer Case Study
  • Endeavour Group - Customer Case Study
  • First Hawaiian Bank - Customer Case Study
  • Amperity helps brand acquire more higher value customers by fueling precise lookalike and custom modeling for Facebook ad audiences
  • Amperity helps brand improve ROAS and CPC for Facebook ads
  • Fortune 500 brand uncovers unknown audiences, significantly increases reach, and optimizes paid media
  • J.Crew - Customer Case Study
  • Large consumer brand uses Amperity to create a seamless migration experience for customers of both brands
  • Lifestyle brand uses new customer 360 to know their customer base for the first time
  • Enterprise Retail Brand Powers Customer 360 Initiative in Just 10 Weeks Using Amperity
  • Retailer sees an average increase of 150% in engagement thanks to a holistic view of their customers
  • Amperity helps fast-casual dining brand unlock unknown audiences and serve up great guest experiences
  • Leading Hospitality Service Providing Company - Customer Case Study
  • Amperity helps brand upsell more by unifying customer data and fueling personalized, omni-channel marketing
  • Amperity empowers airline to create delightful customer experiences by activating all their customer data
  • Lucky Brand Uses Amperity to Build a Comprehensive View of the Customer and Drive Better Customer Insights in Weeks
  • Moët Hennessy USA uses AI-powered identity resolution to build a rich view of its customers
  • Achieving Loyal Customers from OTA Data
  • How the Sounders used Amperity to better connect with their fans
  • Amperity Helps Global Automotive Leader Servco Boost Sales Conversions by 62 Percent
  • Stanley, a Pacific Market International Company, Uses Amperity to Drive Campaign Effectiveness
  • The Bouqs uses segmentation to increase total revenue on peak holiday by 45% and total orders by 64%
  • Unifying customer profiles to drive marketing efficiency

About Amperity

Amperity is the Intelligent Customer Data Platform empowering global consumer brands to create unique and personalized experiences by unlocking all their customer data. Using machine learning and massive computing power, Amperity stitches together all of a brand's disparate data sources from complete customer profiles and makes those profiles available to marketers and analysts. This complete, actionable data can be used to power customer 360 initiatives, acquisition, and retention marketing programs, and advanced customer analytics.

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