14 Cincom Case Studies

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Read 14 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Innovative Provider of Annuities and Specialty Property & Casualty Insurance
  • ASC Pty Ltd Transforms Business with Cincom
  • ATC Gains Full Visibility into Dealer Network and Improves Close Rate by 25%
  • Bartec Technor Looks to Cincom to Improve Configuration, Pricing and Quoting Accuracy and Speed
  • HVAC and Boiler Sales Move to the Cloud
  • BNP Paribas Cuts the Costs of Customer Correspondence with Cincom Eloquence®
  • Carrier Reduces Quotation Errors by 50 percent with Cincom CPQ
  • Cherniak Software Builds Its Business on Cincom Smallta VisualWorks
  • Dayton Progress Reduces Order-to-Shop Processing Time by 60%
  • Dennis Eagle Increases Build Rates with Cincom CPQ™
  • Desjardins Saves $10 Million with Cincom® VisualWorks Upgrade
  • E-ONE Improves Efficiency with Cincom CPQ
  • Faith-Based Financial Group Simplifies Customer Communication Processes with Cincom Eloquence
  • Cincom CPQ™ Enables Fassi Cranes to Reach New Heights
  • GKN Aerospace Enjoys ERP Excellence with Cincom
  • Cut Proposal Time from 3-5 Days to Just 15 Minutes
  • Productivity Boost, Long-term Growth and Success Continue with Cincom Solution
  • Manufacturer of Specialized Medical Devices Slashes Quote Time by 88%
  • HM Insurance Group dynamically builds 200+ error-free contracts monthly based on user selections
  • HM Insurance Group Streamlines Document Communications Processes
  • Reduce Order Entry Time from 2 Days to 2 Minutes
  • Major Property/Casualty Insurer Improves the Customer Experience with Cincom Eloquence
  • MetaCase Earns Rave Reviews with MetaEdit+
  • Cincom Delivers Scalable Document Solution to Support Molina Healthcare ’ s Managed Care Growth
  • Workers Compensation Insurer Transforms Document Communications Processes
  • Helping ODOT Move Data into Information
  • Cincom Enables Waste-Free Quote-to-Order Vision for PANalytical
  • Plantronics Reduces Risk with Cincom CPQ
  • Rudolph Technologies Helps Semiconductor Customers Reach Market Faster with Smalltalk-Based ControlWORKS
  • Siemens Reduces Certified Quotation Times from 3-5 Days to Minutes
  • Spirax Sarco Increases Proposal Generation by 40%
  • Texas Disposal Systems Tames Customized Services Configuration and Pricing
  • Cincom Smalltalk Helps Texas Instruments Meet Defense Department Cost and Time-To-Market Requirements
  • Benefits from Cincom ’s ERP Solution Echo Even to Sonar Manufacturer’s Back Office
  • Timken and Cincom sharing many decades of success
  • Cincom Smalltalk Helps Wisconsin Collect Delinquent Taxes
  • Improved Communications Propels Customer Service Rating to 98% at Wisconsin Physicians Service

About Cincom

You manufacture and sell highly configurable products across a number of different channels. Despite the complexity of your products, your customers still demand a fast, simple buying experience. Cincom CPQSync empowers your sales reps to deliver the experience your customers want through simplified product configuration, dynamic pricing and faster time-to-quote, ensuring your customer gets the product they need at the right price. That's how Cincom CPQSync helps you win more business, operate more efficiently and deliver as promised.

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