35 Alliant Case Studies

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Read 35 Case Studies from real Alliant users sharing their business challenges and results after using Alliant software.

  • Fortune 100 Brand Drives Event Attendance with Hyper-Local Marketing
  • Food Mailer Reaches a Prime Cut of Holiday Buyers
  • Auto Finance Company Drives More Deals with Targeted Creative
  • Custom Facebook Model Gives Acquisition a Makeover
  • BottomLine Inc. Uncovers New Prospects in a Double-Model Approach
  • Agency Drives 3 Times More Auto Sales by Targeting “In-Market” Consumers
  • Electronics Brand Drives Higher Mobile Engagement
  • Consumer Finance Platform Uses Audience Scoring to Cure Patient Hospital Debt
  • Engagement and traffic levels way, way up because of Alliant digital audiences
  • Food Continuity Mailer Improves Profitability on Every Level
  • Major CPG Food Brand Acquires a Taste for Alliant Data
  • Social Data Delivers Amazing Direct Mail Results
  • Health Book Publisher Increases Profits with Every Campaign
  • Custom Model Reveals New Prospects for Facebook Targeting
  • Retailer Expands Targeting Efforts with Custom Acquisition Models
  • Cooking Magazine Brings Inactive Subs Back to the Table
  • Consumer Investment Management App Drives Acquisition through Direct Mail
  • Home Product Marketer Identifies Buyers Who Love Promotional Offers
  • Model Trifecta Creates New Streams of Qualified Prospects
  • Publisher Turns Sign-Ups into Profitable Subscribers
  • Leading Satellite TV Provider Leverages Alliant Proprietary Payment Performance Audiences to Power Facebook Acquisition
  • Magazine Publisher Generates New Profits from Agent-Sold Subs
  • Major Animal Welfare Nonprofit Converts Leads to Donors
  • Credit Mailer Banks Bigger Profits with Tailored Segments
  • Insurance Marketer Expands its Universe with Smart List Selection
  • Magazine Publisher Mines Micropayments to Increase Profits
  • Financial Magazine Expands its Qualified Universe While Improving Net Response
  • Storage Rental Provider Lifts Results with Better Targeting
  • Nestlé Waters Quenches its Thirst for New Subscribers
  • Nutraceutical Marketer Increases Call Center Productivity
  • Online News Network Improves Campaign Performance
  • Publisher Attracts Online Attention for Offline Products
  • Publishers Clearing House Wins Higher Profits Online
  • Subscription Marketer Increases Lifetime Value of New Enrollees
  • Top Auto Insurer Turns to Alliant for Responsive Email Audiences

About Alliant

Alliant delivers consumer segmentation solutions that help marketers identify their top prospects and customers, and achieve higher levels of profit in direct and interactive marketing campaigns. Alliant’s proprietary Cooperative Performance Databases are built from historical transaction-level customer records contributed by many of the world’s leading direct response marketers, powering marketing decisions with a rich, detailed source of consumer behavioral information.

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