36 Freshsales Case Studies

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Read 36 Case Studies from real Freshsales users sharing their business challenges and results after using Freshsales software.

  • How a&s Adria used Freshsales to automate inbound lead management and to expedite bulk emails
  • How Advertas saved 58% of its CRM cost by migrating from Salesforce to Freshsales
  • How Big Shot’s productivity skyrocketed by 10x using workflow automations
  • How Bluekore saved 40% in costs with Freshsales and brought sales, support and chat together
  • Byond Travel improves customer experience by 10X with Freshsales
  • How Cadence Health saw a 50% increase in employee productivity with Freshsales
  • How Chargebee grew hand-in-hand with Freshsales CRM
  • From SalesforceIQ to Freshsales: How CovalentCareers increased revenue by 100%
  • How Curacubby recorded a 150% increase in conversion rate with Freshsales
  • How Doozer Accelerated its Growth With Freshsales
  • Why Freshsales was the right choice for DRIVE
  • How Evans Manufacturing lives up to its full potential with Freshsales
  • How Freshsales helps Explara close more high-value deals in the global event management space
  • Facilitron increases sales visibility by 10X using Freshsales
  • How UK-based family business, Finders International improved customer targeting with Freshsales CRM
  • How the HiveXchange achieved a 20% month-over-month growth rate with Freshsales
  • How an AI-based deep learning startup used Freshsales to achieve 10x sales pipeline visibility
  • iDrive Logistics - Customer Case Study
  • How iKhokha improved its employee productivity by 60% with Freshsales
  • Impact reduced its CRM spends by 80% with Freshsales
  • iotum - Customer Case Study
  • Employees at Kongskilde select Freshsales as the best platform to digitize their sales process
  • How Lori Systems transformed its sales and business with Freshsales
  • How Offset Solar’s revenues increased by 400% with Freshsales
  • How OmniPACS recorded a 50% increase in customer satisfaction with Freshsales
  • Why Planned Marketing switched from Insightly to Freshsales
  • How Precia Molen increased revenue by 15% with Freshsales
  • How Freshsales, integrated with Freshdesk and Freshchat, helped Progressive Direct retain over 15% of its at-risk customers
  • Why chatbot solutions Reply.ai jumped from Trello to Freshsales for a more sophisticated sales process
  • How Shelton Development Services Experienced a 100% increase in sales visibility with Freshsales
  • How California SaaS startup—Shortlist cut cost by 50% and sustained growth with Freshsales
  • How Freshsales’ automation capability is helping Sify's digital sales team ride the digital wave
  • How Synergy Enterprise Solutions used Freshsales to boost its Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) by 40%
  • TKF Telecom France brings its diverse sales ecosystem together with Freshsales
  • How Top Digital Agency (TDA) Increased Its Revenue by 88%
  • How Freshsales helps TRIBUS qualify and close deals better
  • How Vantage Circle Increased Customer Reach-Out by 30% with Freshsales
  • How Windmill Microlending Accelerated its Application Process With Freshsales

About Freshsales

Top-rated sales CRM for your business. Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM) gives you everything you need to have personalized conversations and maximize conversions. Leverage the power of AI to forecast sales, qualify leads faster, and engage with the right prospects.

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