48 AIMMS Case Studies

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Read 48 Case Studies from real AIMMS users sharing their business challenges and results after using AIMMS software.

  • Air Liquide Leverages AIMMS For Profit Optimization At A Global Level
  • Angel Flight West Optimizes Flight Routes For Children And Families With Special Needs When A Community And A Utility Come Together
  • AMT Leverages AIMMS for Tactical and Strategic Supply Chain Optimization
  • Aurora Alimentos optimizes its supply chain and boosts planning agility with AIMMS
  • Boon Edam Takes MVP Approach to Kickstart its S&OP Process
  • BT Drives Supply Chain Transformation and Network Optimization with AIMMS
  • Cache Cache improves order fulfillment and warehouse capacity with AIMMS
  • ELIX Polymers maximizes EBITDA with real-time analytics for S&OP
  • Increasing Warehouse and Manufacturing Capacity at FMC Technologies
  • FUJIFILM Cut Loose Thanks to Razor-sharp Planning Tool
  • GE Grid Solutions Helps MISO Unlock Billions In Savings Through AIMMS-Based Optimization
  • Global Fashion Retailer Optimizes Sales and Operations Execution with AIMMS
  • Leading Financial Services Firm Optimizes Broker Schedules to Maximize Investor Satisfaction and Brokerage Success
  • Improved Multi-Echelon Demand Planning for a Leading Manufacturer
  • Graboplast Optimizes its Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Höegh Autoliners Develops A Global Integrated Planning Solution With AIMMS
  • AIMMS-based Demand Planning App Streamlines Forecasting at Höegh Autoliners
  • INEOS Köln achieves over 90% Plant Utilization with AIMMS-based Application
  • Energy Conglomerate Maximizes Operational Capacity with AIMMS-based Maintenance Scheduling Model
  • JBS uses AIMMS for daily cost-to-serve optimization
  • Production Scheduling for a Leading Beer Manufacturer
  • Chemical Manufacturer Optimizes its Supply Chain Network After a Merger
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturer Builds Resilience to Face COVID-19 Disruption
  • Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company Uses AIMMS to Plan New Product Introductions
  • Liberty Global Drives Inventory Accuracy and Supply Chain Optimization with AIMMS
  • Linksbridge - Customer Case Study
  • Optimized Shift Scheduling Drives 60% in Time Savings for Hospitals Using MedSpace App
  • Workforce Scheduling for a Leading Fast-Food Chain
  • AIMMS Enables Fast, Profitable Decision-Making at Nampak
  • North Star Alliance leverages AIMMS to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa
  • ORTEC uses AIMMS to optimize natural ingredient blends
  • Papyrus adopts regional supply chain planning with AIMMS
  • Peapod drives supply chain innovation and efficiency with AIMMS
  • Petrobras uses AIMMS for Offshore Gas Planning
  • Leading Retailer Empowers Fact-Based Merchandise and Promotions Planning Decisions with AIMMS
  • AIMMS-based model optimizes planning for ProRail’s inspection trains
  • PTTES Optimizes PTT’s Oil Supply Chain with AIMMS
  • Network Analysis and Optimization Leads to More Efficient Operations
  • Reliance Industries Limited Optimizes its Crude Supply Chain with AIMMS-based Tool
  • Sasol Maximizes Operational Capacity with AIMMS
  • Shell Unlocks the Benefits of Supply Chain Optimization with AIMMS
  • Idle Freight Optimization Lowers CO2 Emissions by 550 tons at a Large Steel Company
  • Optimizing Material Blending for A Large Steel Manufacturer
  • Tata Steel Makes Strides Towards an Autonomous Supply Chain Powered by AIMMS Technology
  • Tereos Sugar & Energy Brazil Improves its S&OP Process with Optimization Technology
  • Strategic Workforce Planning Tool Improves Decision Making for the Dutch National Police
  • Dutch National Police Improves Capacity Planning for its Helicopter Fleet
  • TNT achieves $260 million in cost savings with AIMMS-based optimization


AIMMS is an innovative technology company with offices in The Netherlands, Seattle, Singapore, and Shanghai. For 25 years, the company has been developing and selling a unique mathematical optimization platform. AIMMS customers can create high business impact with optimization engines and solutions that enable optimal decision making on complex strategic, tactical, and operational problems.

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