53 Dwolla Case Studies

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Read 53 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Where Finance, Artificial Intelligence, and Open APIs Meet
  • AeroPay Launches 1% Cash Back on all Purchases
  • Offering a Payment Method to Benefit Businesses & Their Customers
  • Give Healthcare Payments A Shot In The Arm
  • Astra Empowers Users to Save With Dwolla
  • Astra Announces Automated “Sweep” Transfers for Consumers
  • Bento for Business launches a new product with bank transfers enabled by Dwolla’s API
  • Powered by Dwolla’s white-label ACH API, companies are using Bento to reimburse employees through the ACH Network
  • Mobile Technology & ACH Payments The Gift That Keeps On Giving with Bitmo
  • BlueZebra Sports Delivering payouts for college officials
  • CargoSprint Releases SprintPass To Provide More Efficiency to Cargo Industry
  • CargoSprint Automates its Payments Processes Using Dwolla
  • Clear Capital Streamlines Disbursements with Dwolla
  • Due, an Easy Way to Collect Freelance Payments
  • Earnnest Brings Electronic Transfers to Real Estate
  • Needing an Ach Payment Service, Edquity and Dwolla Partnered to Distribute Emergency Aid via the Ach Network
  • Pet Insurance Company Embraces ACH Payments for Efficient Claim Reimbursement
  • Dwolla Helps Encast Create A Greater Impact
  • EnergyFunders Simplifies its Payments with Automation
  • Building a Platform to Crowdsource Equity Investing after the JOBS Act
  • Real Estate Marketplace Integrates White Label Bank Transfers
  • After Integrating Dwolla, Expense Reporting Platform Replaces Checks Leading to Payments Being Facilitated 5 Business Days Faster
  • 5x Faster Payments, 5% Fewer Fees—How a Golf Course Management System Uses ACH To Lower Its Customers’ Score
  • GasBuddy - Customer Case Study
  • Scaling a Boat Rental Marketplace With Swift Payouts
  • GOAT Marketplace Payouts with ACH API
  • This Marketplace Revamped the Payout Experience for Its Sellers and Gave Their Coo Two Days Back Each Week
  • A Seamless Integration For Real Estate Investing
  • Smart ACH Payments, Smarter Property Management
  • Innago Partners with Dwolla, Inc. for Easier Property Management
  • Marketplace Jane.com Uses Dwolla’s Api to Send Payments to Merchants
  • A Savings App Outpaces Projections With Dwolla
  • Kill Bill adds Dwolla to offer subscription billing with ACH Payments
  • Mobile App Lenmo Partners with Dwolla, Inc. to Create Common Sense Micro-Investing
  • Live.Give.Save. Finds Its Payments Expert With Dwolla
  • Faster, More Automated Loan Origination With ACH & LoanWell
  • Masterworks is Partnering with Dwolla, Inc. to Revolutionize Fine Art Investing
  • Healthcare Jobs Marketplace Offering Same Day ACH Payments
  • How OKUPIED uses Dwolla’s platform to reimagine rent collection for individual landlords
  • OneGold Announces AutoInvest Powered by Payment Partnership with Dwolla
  • Patch of Land leverages Dwolla’s API for Real Estate Crowdlending
  • PoolSpark Makes Saving Together Available For All
  • Instagram Ad Platform Popular Pays Saves Time With Dwolla
  • Enabling payouts with ACH
  • Mobile savings app integrates Dwolla’s API, improved margins by 10 percent
  • Quickload Makes Shipping Freight Quicker, Safer and More Competitive
  • Partnering with Dwolla for Payments
  • Relay Restaurant Delivery Platform Integrates API for Payouts
  • How a leading rental management platform used an ACH API
  • Streamlining B2B Payments With Dwolla
  • Walk Into Savings With SQRL
  • New Partnership Expands Opportunities In Personal Finance
  • How Dwolla's White Label ACH API quickly allowed a fintech platform to get to market
  • Automating Property Management with TenantCloud
  • Tillable Partners With Dwolla to Automate Payments in the Agriculture Industry
  • Tophatter Marketplace Pays Out Using the ACH Network
  • Ualett Makes Receiving Payments Simple for Independent Contractors
  • Manufacturing Labor Marketplace Veryable Offers Daily Payments to Workers
  • Needing a Payments Solution That Could Be Integrated Quickly and Affordably, Wagmo Partnered With Dwolla to Offer Electronic Reimbursements to Its Policyholders
  • WeFinance Uses Dwolla to Power Affordable Loan Crowdfunding
  • Wodtogether Integrates Bank Transfers to Make Gym Membership Payments a Breeze
  • Solar Investing Platform Uses Dwolla Api to Power Bank Transfers
  • Zirtue Improves Onboarding & Increases Registered Users

About Dwolla

Your business needs to send and receive payments. The ACH Network moves trillions of dollars a year. The problem? Most businesses don’t have direct access to the Network. That’s where Dwolla comes in. Whether you need to pay, collect or facilitate payments, integrate with our seamless API and use Dwolla to facilitate your payment requests through the ACH Network.

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