28 CoSchedule Case Studies

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Read 28 Case Studies from CoSchedule customers to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How This Marketing Agency Drives Social Media Growth For 16 Franchisee Clients
  • How This 6-Person Marketing Team Delivers 13x More Monthly Projects On Time
  • How This Lifestyle Brand Pre-Plans 12 Months Worth of Content in Advance
  • How This PR Agency Creates AND Publishes 3.75x More Content (Every Month)
  • How This Marketing Team Managed Rapid Growth Using CoSchedule
  • How This Remote Team Saves 10+ Hours Per Month On Content Marketing
  • How This 7-Person Marketing Team Supports 55+ Social Channels Using CoSchedule
  • How This Agency Builds Client Trust With A Transparent Marketing Process
  • How This Charity Promotes Over 400 Historic Sites On 100+ Social Channels
  • How Lifestyle Experts Plan + Publish Motivational Content With CoSchedule
  • How This Association Saves 20+ Hours Per Month On Marketing Campaigns
  • How A Strategic Roadmap Gave Credibility And Flexibility To This Marketing Team
  • How This Global Brand Transformed Complex, Multi-Tool Marketing Into A Simplified Workflow
  • Laerdal’s Global Marketing Team Increased Visibility By Centralizing Their Marketing Efforts In CoSchedule
  • How This University Plans And Promotes Campaigns For Over 100+ Academic Programs (Every Year)
  • How This Marketing Team Keeps Strategy And Compliance Top Priorities
  • How This Publisher Produces Over 1,000+ Articles Per Month
  • How One Marketing Team Quadrupled Their Content And Drove 1,412% More Organic Traffic To Their Blog
  • How This Global Company Promotes Localized Content Across 9 Different Time Zones
  • Simpleview Completes 5x More Marketing Projects Every Month Using CoSchedule
  • How This Team Gained 34% More Subscribers in Less Than Three Months
  • How The Spin Sucks Team Saves 8+ Hours Per Week With CoSchedule
  • How This Healthcare Company Created Instant Workload Visibility Across 3 Teams With CoSchedule
  • How This University Streamlined Their Marketing Workflow And Eliminated 4+ Tools
  • This 5-Person Marketing Team Managed 12x More Work While Working Remotely
  • How This Team Organizes Their Entire Company’s Promotional Calendar In One Tool
  • How This Agency Got 16 Million Views On One Post (And Doubled Their Clients)
  • How Yao Family Wines Manages Events + Marketing Promotions With CoSchedule

About CoSchedule

CoSchedule is an ever-evolving content marketing swiss army knife that helps you plan blog, social media, and other content on one drag-and-drop editorial calendar, communicate super efficiently with your team members, meet your deadlines, get more traffic and social media shares, save time and stop pulling your hair out.

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