61 CDNetworks Case Studies

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Read 61 Case Studies from users in the Information Technology and Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Agent Provocateur Halves Website Loading Times Globally with CDNetworks
  • Airlines Company - Customer Case Study
  • Cdnetworks Helps Engineering Firm AREP Penetrate the Chinese Market
  • Arirang Provides High-Quality Live Broadcast with CDNetworks’ “Media Acceleration” Service
  • Ariston Thermo Accelerates its loT platform in China with CDNetworks
  • Cdnetworks Helps The Middle East’s Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Site On Customer Needs
  • Bally boosts online presence in China with CDNetworks
  • After going live with CDNetworks, Bally Interactive saw game download times improve by 300% - 500%
  • After Implementing Cdnetworks, Bang & Olufsen Consolidated Data Centres and Reduced Website Load Times Significantly
  • With Cdnetworks Global Network, Calaméo Increased Downloading Capacity While Decreasing Bandwidth
  • CanalChat Grandialogue now offers even more interactive chats thanks to CDNetworks
  • Chinese Internet Finance and Insurance Company - Customer Case Study
  • Credit Services Company - Customer Case Study
  • Delamaison.fr Chooses CDNetworks to Accelerate its Product Page Updates
  • Easymarkets Improves Performance Of Trading Platform In China With Cdnetworks
  • Edict Egaming Saves Bandwidth And Costs Thanks To Cdnetworks’ Content Acceleration
  • Ekino, a FullSIX Group company, boosts the efficiency of its global communications thanks to CDNetworks
  • GolfWeek.com Saves 50% on Internet Content Delivery, While Increasing Advertising Sales through Improved Analytics and Reporting
  • HighQ Accelerates Dynamic Cloud Application Performance by up to 2,000%, Improving Customers’ Global Collaboration
  • Historic Futures Solidifies Its Customer Base by Improving Average Global Application Performance Over 500% While Saving 80% on Infrastructure
  • Hostelworld.com Reduces Global Webpage Loading Time by 43% with CDNetworks
  • Human Rights Watch Ensures DDoS Protection with CDNetworks
  • Cdnetworks Improves Online Gaming Experience for Imperia Online In Emerging Markets
  • Faster online gaming: Infernum’s “Dragon’s Prophet” benefited from CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration
  • Innisfree Employs “ChinaAcceleration” Service of CDNetworks to Expand Business Globally
  • iOffer Grows Its Business by Improving Website Performance Up to 300%, and Saves Over $100,000 on Infrastructure
  • CDNetworks makes headline news at IPM Group
  • Jabra Expands and Improves Online Global Presence with CDNetworks
  • JCB Relocates Web Server to Japan by Leveraging on Services of CDNetworks
  • King Jouet Upgrades Its Website to Handle Seasonal Surges In Demand, Thanks to Cdnetworks
  • Knight Frank Secures Global Presence With CdNetworks
  • Leader Summaries Proves the Value of Robust Website Performance across South America
  • French Newspaper Libération Boosts Dynamic Serving With Cdnetworks
  • Linkstorm Cuts Online Ad Fraud and Accelerates Amazon Web Services Globally with CDNetworks
  • MailUp increases customer satisfaction and opens up new markets with CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration
  • Delivering High Client Satisfaction with CDNetworks’ Global PoP Infrastructure to Cover Users All Around the World
  • Syrup-maker Monin gets sweeter ERP performance thanks to CDNetworks
  • MyMovies - Customer Case Study
  • NHN Leaps Over China’s Great Wall to Maintain its Competitive Leadership Position
  • Non-Profit Organizations - Customer Case Study
  • Online Gaming Company - Customer Case Study
  • Online Gaming - Customer Case Study
  • Oxybul handles high website traffic without a hitch, thanks to CDNetworks
  • PeachAviationstrengthenswebsite performanceandsecuritywithCDNetworks
  • Radio Netherlands Worldwide Improves Service Quality by 90% in Emerging Markets
  • CDNetworks puts Rail Europe websites on the fast track
  • Saxo Bank Boosts Transaction Revenue by Millions of Dollars per Day in China by Teaming with CDNetworks
  • SEMI Switches CDN Providers to Achieve 100% Uptime in China and Reduce Cloud Acceleration Costs Globally
  • Shopify Boosts the User Experience at Over 40,000 OnlineStores Worldwide with CDNetworks
  • Skype - Customer Case Study
  • Spiceworks Improves International Website Performance, Increasing Site Stickiness and Maximizing Ad
  • Spotoption Accelerates Its Online Trading Platform In China
  • CdNetworks Provides Global Capacity And Flexible Support For Square Enix
  • The French Tennis Federation and French Open ticketing websites seamlessly handle traffic spikes thanks to CDNetworks
  • The Onion Maximizes Advertising Inventory by Improving Site Performance of 50% and Eliminating Site Downtime
  • Reaching into China with Online Tourism and Destination Marketing
  • Reaching global markets How Transhotel built a platform for worldwide growth
  • Reducing Latency And Boosting Reliability And Response Times With Dynamic Web Acceleration
  • Global Chemicals Company WACKER Reduces Website Load Time by Over 90% with CDNetworks
  • Wistia Serves Global Customers and Saves Thousands of Dollars per Month with CDNetworks
  • Yatedo Accelerates Response Times with CDNetworks

About CDNetworks

CDNetworks is a global content delivery network (CDN) with fully integrated Cloud Security DDoS protection and web application firewall. CDNetworks mission is to transform the Internet into a secure, reliable, scalable, and high-performing Application Delivery Network. CDNetworks accelerates more than 40,000 websites and cloud services over a network of 160 global PoPs in established and emerging markets including China and Russia. CDNetworks have been serving enterprise customers for 15 years across industries such as gaming, finance, ecommerce, high tech, manufacturing, and media.

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