51 Anyline Case Studies

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Read 51 Case Studies from real Anyline users sharing their business challenges and results after using Anyline software.

  • How Assist Digital Integrated Meter Self-Reading in their Utility App
  • How the Austrian Police Reduced Manual Processes with Mobile Scanning
  • How BAL Enhanced Client Registration with Mobile Scanning
  • Why OCR pushes your Event to the next level of customer experience
  • How CarCentric Streamlined Customer Onboarding with Mobile Data Capture
  • How CargoSnap Brought the Wow Factor to their Customers with Mobile Scanning
  • How Cashpresso Improved Customer Experience with Mobile IBAN Scanning
  • How Clizzz Achieved Contactless Hotel Check-In with Mobile Scanning
  • How co.met simplifies Utility Services with Meter Self-Reading
  • Comerso Partners with Anyline to Launch Zero-Waste Barcode Scanning App
  • How Cox Automotive Improved Their Inventory Management with Mobile Scanning
  • Discount Tire Launches Tire Inspection Mobile Computing Solution with Anyline and Zebra Technologies
  • How Edison Enabled Direct Data Transmission with Mobile Data Capture
  • How energy|app provider Powers Smart Living Apps with Mobile Scanning
  • FoodNotify - Customer Case Study
  • How FoodNotify Empowers Customers with Barcode Scanning
  • Global Blue Makes Tax Free Shopping a Breeze with Mobile ID Scanning
  • How Scanning Eases the Pain with Tax Refund
  • How Green Makes Clean Energy Simple with Anyline
  • Happy Porto Introduces Mobile Check-In from Anyline
  • How the Huemer Group enables membership registrations in seconds with mobile scanning
  • How innogy is Leading the Utility & Energy Industries Forward in Czechia
  • How Innovapptive Improves Efficiency & Customer Service with Mobile Scanning
  • How Karlsberg Improves Customer Engagement with Mobile Scanning
  • How Landskron Launched a Rebranding Campaign with Mobile OCR
  • Anyline Partners with Leading COVID-19 Test Company LEAD Horizon
  • How Madreselva Streamlined Underground Water Meter Reading
  • Making Inventory Management and Enhanced Customer Engagement Easy with METRO
  • How myschaden24 Streamlines Insurance Processes with Mobile Scanning
  • How mySugr Improves Diabetes Therapy with Mobile Scanning
  • How the North-Rhine Westphalia Police Keeps Citizens Safe with Mobile Policing
  • Northumbrian Water Introduces Customer Self-Reading for Water Meters
  • How Payme Enhanced Customer Registration Processes with MRZ & NFC Scanning
  • How PepsiCo Boosts Customer Engagement with Promotional and QR Code Scanning
  • Taking the Bite out of Vehicle Inventory Management with the Piranha Application and VIN Scanning
  • Porsche Leipzig - Customer Case Study
  • How Prologa Improves Utilities Processes & Waste Disposal with Mobile Scanning
  • How Red Bull Raised Customer Engagement with Mobile OCR
  • Red Bull MOBILE - Customer Case Study
  • How Safaricom Boosts Customer Registration with Mobile ID Scanning
  • How Scalable Capital Improves UX with Mobile Scanning
  • How to Manage City Parking with Mobile Scanning like Stadtwerke München
  • Comerso Partners with Anyline to Launch Zero-Waste Barcode Scanning App
  • How Swisscom Improved their User Experience with Mobile Scanning
  • How Symvaro Improves Utility Efficiency with Mobile Meter Reading
  • Create a smart solution for water management
  • How Mobile Scanning Helps The Sun to Improve Customer Loyalty
  • How Tyrolit Streamlined their Digital Transformation with Mobile OCR
  • How VERBUND Simplified the Onboarding Process for New Utility Customers.
  • How the World Food Programme Streamlined Aid Deliveries with Mobile Scanning
  • yesss! - Customer Case Study

About Anyline

Anyline is teaching your smartphone how to read. They are striving to become the leader in Mobile OCR and text recognition. Anyline had made it their mission to bridge this gap for users. Since 2013, the Anyline team has worked on it’s patented optical character recognition technology and has already attracted well-known customers. E.On, the United Nations, Swisscom, and Wien Energie are just a few of the names they already work with from their international customer base of more than 100 enterprise companies.

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