65 CloudBees Case Studies

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Read 65 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Accenture Helps Leading North American Company Propel its Strategy with a DevOps Transformation
  • Accenture Gains 10,000 Engineering Days per Year Through Continuous Delivery and the Accenture DevOps Platform
  • Higher Quality Releases Without Disruption to Your Workflow: It’s Not Magic, It’s DevOps
  • Building a Common Workflow, Standardizing Embedded Firmware Releases, and Helping to Sustainably Feed the World at AGCO
  • Allianz “Insures” Accelerated Software Delivery Processes with Continuous Delivery
  • American Express Global Business Travel Gains Competitive Advantage with CI/CD
  • An Accelerated CI/CD Pipeline Might Just Be the Competitive Advantage You Need
  • Autodesk Powers Cloud Initiative and Faster Releases with CI/CD
  • Banco Azteca Leads Digital Transformation in Latin America with DevOps and CloudBees
  • With Parallel Test Pipelines by CodeShip, Bannerman Now Tests 30% Faster
  • Jenkins vs. Jenkins X: How to Scale and Accelerate CI/CD
  • BNP Paribas CIB Transforms with DevOps to Stay on the Forefront of Global Banking Industry
  • Bosch Drives Development with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Capital One Invests in Continuous Delivery to Automate Software Development Pipelines
  • CARFAX Reduces Risk and Improves Automation with CI, CD and CloudBees Core
  • Accelerating Deployments and Building a Culture of “Yes” with Jenkins X and CloudBees
  • CloudBees Build Acceleration Helps Force10 Save at Least 200 Engineer-hours Per Week
  • Delta Dental of California Automates CI/CD; Gains Control and Insight with CloudBees Platform
  • How Doist Built Stability for our DevOps Team in an Entirely Remote Environment
  • DZ Bank Strengthens Competitive Position and Enables Developers to Deliver Faster with CloudBees CD
  • E*TRADE Speeds Up Test and Deploy Cycles By 1,200 Using CloudBees CD
  • Esri Maps Path Forward with DevOps and CloudBees
  • EVRY Responds Rapidly to Changing Financial Regulations with Continuous Delivery
  • FamilySearch Changed their Release Cycle from Months to Minutes with CloudBees CD
  • Fortune 100 Healthcare Services Company Innovates Faster with CloudBees
  • Top Global Financial Institution Saves Time and Improves Quality of Application Development
  • A Global Health Services Company Sharpens Competitive Edge with Empowered DevOps Teams
  • Healthesystems Adopts Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to Accelerate Development Practices
  • HomeAway Creates Memorable Vacation Experiences with Faster Software Delivery and Deployment
  • Fast, Secure Software Delivery Helps Ellie Mae Stay on Top of Mortgage Processing Industry
  • Intel Delivers Software 25 Times More Frequently with CloudBees CD
  • Internal Revenue Service Modernizes with Agency-wide DevOps Initiative
  • ‘Big Four’ Irish Bank Stays on Top of Industry With DevOps
  • Balancing Our CI/CD Approach to Move Our Digital Transformation Forward
  • Fintech Leader Leonteq Sharpens Competitive Edge with CI/CD
  • Luxury Automotive Manufacturer Speeds Software Delivery by 300%
  • Macmillan Learning Makes the Grade with CloudBees Feature Management
  • The Role of CloudBees CI and Kubernetes in Moving DevOps to the Cloud
  • Medallia Gains Edge in Competitive Customer Experience Management Market with DevOps
  • Bullish on Continuous Delivery and DevOps
  • Nationwide Building Society Accelerates and Scales Software Delivery in a Highly-Regulated Industry
  • Neustar Empowers Developers and Speeds the Delivery of Reliable Software Services
  • Niagara LaSalle Eliminates Release – and Audit – Anxiety with CloudBees CD
  • Office Depot Enables Strategic Transformation with DevOps
  • Panasonic Delivers More Product with More Variants with CloudBees
  • Pegasystems Improves Development and Deployment Process Efficiency with DevOps
  • Pepperl+Fuchs Speeds Development Innovation, Reduces Risk with CloudBees
  • Goodbye Sleepless Nights: De-Risking Deployments with Feature Flags
  • How CloudBees CI Enables PMI to Pursue a Smoke-Free Future
  • Pinger Jumpstarts DevOps Program with Boost from CloudBees
  • Why Placester Adopted CodeShip’s Continuous Integration Platform
  • Salesforce Migrates DevOps to the Cloud with CloudBees CI
  • Want to Add a Smile to Your Developers’ Faces? Make Your Deployments Boring
  • Suramericana Sparks Growth into New Markets, Increases Pace of Innovation with DevOps
  • Savings Thousands of Hours and Millions of Dollars at T-Mobile with Jenkins
  • Temenos Raises Product Quality and Drives Operational Efficiency with Continuous Delivery
  • Tendril Powers Efficient Software Delivery
  • How Testim Used CloudBees Feature Management to Speed Delivery of Features to its’ Customers
  • The Hartford Gives Back Time and Control to Developers to Innovate Faster for Policyholders
  • Why TravelPerk Moved from their CI Provider to CodeShip Pro: Increased Speed and Flexibility
  • TrueBlue Reduces Daily Build Life Cycle from 7 Hours to 45 Minutes
  • Asking for Help Is a Best Practice When Building a CI/CD Pipeline
  • Consistency, Faster Deployments, and Less Duplicated Effort The Immediate Impact of Modern CI/CD and DevOps
  • How Vistaprint Cut Its Release Time by 75% and Created a Superior Developer Experience
  • WatchGuard Spurs Innovation with Shift to DevOps and Continuous Delivery

About CloudBees

CloudBees is powering the continuous economy by offering the world’s first end-to-end continuous software delivery management system (SDM). For millions of developers and product teams driving innovation for businesses large or small, SDM builds on continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) to enable all functions and teams within and around the software delivery organization to best work together to amplify value creation. CloudBees is the CI, CD and application release orchestration (ARO) powerhouse, built on the commercial success of its products as well as its open source leadership. CloudBees is the largest contributor to Jenkins and Jenkins X, and a founding member of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF). From startups with full-stack developers practicing NoOps to large Fortune 100 companies, CloudBees enables all software-driven organizations to intelligently deploy the right capabilities at the right time. Over 3,500 of the world’s best-known brands and over 50% of the Fortune 500, invest in CloudBees because of its ability to work across any cloud, in any development environment and to balance corporate governance and control with developer flexibility and freedom. CloudBees is home to the world’s leading DevOps experts, helping thousands of companies harness the power of “continuous everything” and putting them on the fastest path from great idea, to great software, to great business value. Backed by Matrix Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Verizon Ventures, Delta-v Capital, Golub Capital and Unusual Ventures, CloudBees was founded in 2010 by former JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey and an elite team of continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps professionals. Follow CloudBees on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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