36 CrisisGo Case Studies

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Read 36 Case Studies from users in the Public Safety industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Safety iPass Simplifies Reporting for Administrators
  • How Avon Grove Charter School efficiently and effectively implemented a school safety platform at their school
  • How Bellevue Public Schools has improved their safety communications and drill management with CrisisGo's digital safety and crisis response platform
  • Improved Emergency Communication & Response
  • Rolling Out a Unified Safety Platform to 20+ Districts
  • Enhanced Safety Drill Communication and Coordination
  • Improved School Safety Drills and Drill Reporting
  • Digitized Safety Plans and Connecting with Responders
  • Maximizing Safety Drills with Escalation to First Responders
  • Active Shooter Safety and Emergency Communication
  • How Goreville Community Unit School District #1 improved their emergency communication and rapid response with CrisisGo's school safety app
  • How Hanover Community School Corporation upgraded their safety drill management by using CrisisGo's school safety app
  • Kirkwood School District Evolves Safety Communication and Emergency Plans
  • Immediate Safety Communication & Access to Information
  • How Linn-Mar Community School District streamlined their safety information and communication with our school safety app
  • Streamlining New School Safety Routines with Safety iPass
  • Improved Mass Communication and Emergency Alerting
  • Safety iPass Provides Peace of Mind for Miller Creek
  • How Morgan County Charter School System improved their safety accountability and access to safety plans by using our school safety app
  • Empowering Students With Strategic School Entry Process During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Keep 80% of Students in Classrooms with Safety iPass
  • How Paducah Public Schools streamlined their school safety with digital access to safety protocols
  • How Ridgeline Academy streamlined their reunification and safety trend tracking by using CrisisGo's school safety app
  • CrisisGo Supports Data Driven Decisions for Athletic Center
  • Safety iPass Brings Students Back to School
  • How Santa Barbara Unified School District streamlined their emergency alerting and communication with our school safety app
  • Streamlined Communication and Accounting for Employees
  • Streamlined Communication and Emergency Response
  • Maintaining Municipality Safety With Streamlined Communication
  • Safety iPass Integrates with SIS for Streamlined Safety
  • Pre-Screening Students and Hybrid Scheduling Support with Safety iPass
  • Updating School Safety Communication and Response
  • How Virginia Minnesota Public Schools is combining CrisisGo and FirstNet to create an optimal emergency response
  • Utilizing COPS Grant Funding for CrisisGo’s Student Threat Assessment
  • How West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science is reaching all of their staff with rapid alerts and communication with a school safety platform
  • Zeeland Public Schools is utilizing CrisisGo's alerting and communication platform to coordinate a response to COVID-19

About CrisisGo

CrisisGo makes safety accessible by saving valuable time it takes to respond to emergencies and reducing risk through a comprehensive platform dedicated to crisis management. Improved safety communication ensures everyone is always connected and the correct information always reaches the appropriate people. CrisisGo instills peace of mind with instant access to safety resources needed to learn about an emergency and navigate to its resolution. Over 14,000 organizations have chosen CrisisGo, because they empower everyone to own a role in safety.

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