30 Airbase Case Studies

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Read 30 Case Studies from real Airbase users sharing their business challenges and results after using Airbase software.

  • How Affinity uses Airbase to automate away low value, manual accounting tasks
  • AspireIQ and Airbase A controller’s comprehensive evaluation of spend management platforms
  • A veteran at building high-growth startups chooses Airbase as his spend management foundation
  • Curaytor Bringing accounts payable in-house with the right automation tools for visibility and control
  • Doximity and Airbase Reimagining card payments at scale
  • How Eko Health uses Airbase to improve expense management, boost employee satisfaction, and increase operational efficiency
  • How Expressable supercharged their SVB cards with Airbase to build a finance team poised to scale
  • How Airbase helps Finix streamline AP workflows, increase visibility, shorten the monthly close, and more
  • How Framework Homeownership improved its financial operations with Airbase
  • Fundbox and Airbase Creating efficient processes
  • HappyCo and Airbase Two companies growing together
  • Heap and Airbase Boots-on-the-ground accounting made easier
  • How a team of two cruises through a five-day close with Airbase
  • Why an experienced auditor enjoys Airbase
  • KongBasileConsulting chooses Airbase for clients who seek an easy-to-use, comprehensive spend management system that encourages a positive spend culture
  • Lattice and Airbase Moving to a continuous close with real-time data
  • How a two-person accounting team supported company hypergrowth
  • How Netlify uses Airbase to get ahead of spend, accelerate the month-end close, and set AP operations up for scale
  • Leaving manual data entry in the past with Airbase and Sage Intacct
  • Platform Science an on-the-road company travels light with Airbase
  • How Postman is using Airbase to tackle fraud, provision expenses, and move beyond manual reconciliation
  • Productboard finds visibility and control with advanced approvals
  • ReCharge and Airbase A single solution for multiple problems
  • How Ridecell used the Airbase platform to rein in uncontrolled spending while automating accounting to increase operational efficiency for the finance team
  • How a Head of Operations got visibility and control over spend and found a better way to get the bills paid
  • A public company relies on Airbase to make compliance simple
  • How virtual cards are helping fuel virtual realities
  • Via, Airbase, and SVB cards Making every aspect of spend more efficient
  • Managing clinical trials with the Airbase Growth plan — here are the results
  • How YourMechanic uses Airbase to simplify purchasing at scale and make spending and financial accountability a part of the conversatio

About Airbase

Airbase is the top-ranked modern spend management platform for businesses with 100-5,000 employees. It’s the best way to control spending, close the books faster, and manage financial risk. Airbase’s powerful and user-friendly software combines accounts payable automation, expense management, and corporate cards into a package that employees, accounting teams, and vendors love to use. It seamlessly integrates into the most popular general ledgers including NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and more. Our approach to guided procurement ensures that all purchases — from initial requests to payment and reconciliation — make it easy for all employees to buy what they need while giving all necessary stakeholders in the loop. Airbase’s modern approach to spend management brings efficiency to complex business processes and accounting needs like support for multi-subsidiaries, multi-currency, and purchase orders. Flexible intake forms and approval workflows ensure full stakeholder oversight across multiple buying scenarios. Build a culture of spend compliance and control your destiny by using Airbase.

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