47 DoiT International Case Studies

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Read 47 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How 24metrics uses machine learning to stop ad fraud before it happens
  • How Alcide leveraged GKE to slash deployment from 3 days to 20 minutes
  • How Aniview reduced data platform costs by 70% with Google BigQuery
  • Helping the world tell its stories with Google Cloud Platform
  • Delivering autonomous investing at scale through data, machine learning, and AI
  • How Augury reduced machine failure by 75% with Google Cloud
  • How Bringg improved efficiency by 30% with Google Cloud Platform
  • How CB4 made a massive leap in machine learning performance with a streamlined data pipeline
  • How Crazy Labs saved $700,000 per year by implementing AWS
  • How Crazy Labs delivered backend features 10x faster with App Engine
  • Banking underserved consumers with digital financial services
  • Dataloop leverages Flexsave to optimize compute engine rates regardless of usage fluctuations
  • How Discount Bank scaled to handle 200% more traffic with Google Cloud
  • How Earny saves online shoppers thousands with technology-driven shopping
  • Transforming roadway tolling systems with cloud-based infrastructure
  • How eToroX built its cryptocurrency exchange entirely on Google Cloud
  • How Freightos facilitates frictionless global logistics with GCP
  • How Huq built a powerful data platform to deliver near real-time location data at scale
  • How Jelly Button slashed analytics costs by $240,000 with Google Cloud
  • Creating and scaling state-of-the-art content creation tools with Google Cloud
  • Lightricks Tranforms Analytics with AWS and DoiT International
  • How LivePerson manages hundreds of microservices with Kubernetes
  • Luzzatto & Luzzatto takes 150 years of patent experience to Google G Suite
  • How Magic Software became remote-ready by switching to Google G Suite
  • Supporting Malt’s ambitious growth with immediate 6% savings
  • Minute Media boosts video capacity by 90% with AWS
  • NiceHash mines Flexsave for maximum compute savings and flexibility
  • How Outbrain attained cost efficiency with Dataproc and BigQuery
  • How Pace Revenue halved compute costs and bolstered its algorithm with Google Cloud
  • How PerimeterX cut response times by 40% with Google Cloud
  • Phenix Delivering synchronous, real-time video streaming at global scale with powerful cloud services
  • Driving effective search campaigns automation on Google Cloud
  • How Raycatch reduced infrastructure costs by 80% with Google Cloud
  • How Recurly reduced customer response time by 15% with Google Cloud
  • How SecuredTouch supports exponential growth with GKE
  • How SelectMedia handles 60,000+ requests per second with Google Cloud
  • How Sift enables instant responses to customers with Google Cloud
  • Simpool cuts EC2 costs by 21% with DoiT’s Flexsave
  • How Solera Holdings halved costs and automated 150 million claims with Google Cloud
  • How SysAid effortlessly enhanced communication with Google G Suite
  • Tailor Brands Finds a Tailor-Made Solution with DoiT and AWS
  • How Taranis helps farmers feed the planet with TensorFlow
  • How Teleall gained operational effiencies by switching to Google G Suite
  • Helping Trigo turn supermarkets into smart stores with AI and 3D modeling
  • How Udacity manages cloud costs while delivering effective upskilling
  • How Voyager Labs identifies nuggets of insight from 120K events/second
  • How Wondermall moves 10x faster with a “Devops-less” infrastructure

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DoiT International expert consultants work with you to build and scale distributed systems, and machine intelligence - all while handling a lot of really big data. They work with you to help your company use the cloud in the smartest, most effective ways.

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