20 ClearSale Case Studies

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Read 20 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How the 4th Largest Computer Supplier in the World Made Its Online Business More Profitable
  • ClearSale helps jeweller approve more good orders, reduce chargebacks and free up employees from manual review
  • Baby Products Manufacturer is Blooming Thanks to Hands-Off Fraud Management Solutions
  • Blue Robotics Integrates ClearSale with WooCommerce to Sell Internationally with Confidence
  • Clearsale Gives Brondell Peace of Mind, Even During Sales Peaks
  • Retail conglomerate Grupo David makes a seamless ecommerce transition with ClearSale
  • Clearsale Prevents the Heartache of Ecommerce Fraud for Heartbreaker Guitars
  • Hero Outdoors Approves More Orders With Better Customer Support From ClearSale
  • Hinode Group Manages International Growth & Customer Behavior Shifts With Fraud Protection by ClearSale
  • International Expansion Without the Increased Risk of Fraud
  • Clearsale Gives Interconnection the Freedom to Grow
  • Lanbo’s Armory Is Approving More Orders and Stopping Fraud
  • Motorola Wipes Out Chargebacks and False Declines in Mexico with ClearSale
  • Contact Lens Merchant Sees Clearer Path to Growth with ClearSale
  • ClearSale protects Phone Daddy’s new B2C website from waves of attempted fraud
  • Pittsburgh Spray Equipment Tries the Competition, Returns to ClearSale
  • RC Planet - Customer Case Study
  • RV Part Shop Trusts ClearSale to Focus on Managing Fraud, So the Company Can Focus on Driving Growth
  • How a Fast-growing Online Retailer Avoids Fraud and Controls Costs With Clearsale
  • Tactical Sports Gear Gearing Up for a New Era of Sales

About ClearSale

ClearSale is the most complete ecommerce fraud protection solution. We combine advanced statistical technology with the world’s largest team of specialized fraud analysts, for a balanced, real-world approach unlike anything else in the market. We deliver the highest order approval rates and the lowest false decline rates in the industry.

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