12 Ambassify Case Studies

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Read 12 Case Studies from real Ambassify users sharing their business challenges and results after using Ambassify software.

  • How ACA Group created a sense of belonging for their employees
  • How Allianz uses team spirit and pride as the main ingredients for their brand power
  • How Ambassify is helping Barco amplify its brand and content through automated distribution
  • How Bongo Almost Doubled Average Deal Sizes and Managed to Keep Its Brand Advocates Engaged Through an Amusing Campaign
  • How Golazo uses Ambassify to build and foster relationships with their brand advocates
  • How Helan leveraged in-house creativity to strengthen its employer branding
  • How KBC reached almost 24 000 people in no time with their groundbreaking update
  • How KBC increased involvement to boost engagement & branding
  • Nvidia Created a Tight-knit Community of Super Fans Using Ambassify and Saw a 5x Jump in Engagements Across the Board
  • How Plutus engages its advocates through gamified promotion
  • Revival Animal Health - Customer Case Study
  • How STIHL managed the content distribution of their resellers

About Ambassify

Ambassify makes it a breeze to identify and recruit your best advocates. Ambassify allows you to discover and leverage your current brand superfans and to engage them in a way that will make them vital contributors to your online image. Ambassify helps you manage and direct online word of mouth and maximize its effect. You will also create a stable, vibrant community of satisfied customers who are interlinked with your brand in unimaginable ways and who will act as your fervent evangelists in a time of crisis.

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