10 Chameleon Case Studies

Company Size

Read 10 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How Urban Airship Improved Feature Discovery
  • How Degreed launched a data-driven redesign and successfully onboarded thousands of users
  • How Directly Made Onboarding Lovable
  • How Highspot is Scaling Product Adoption with Chameleon
  • How Mixpanel increases customer retention and satisfaction with Chameleon
  • PeopleGrove Using Chameleon to power beta testing, user feedback and beyond
  • How Quartzy Drives Feature Adoption using Chameleon
  • How Sentient Improved Customer Experience While Saving Time
  • How The Motley Fool dramatically increased retention rates and reduced churn with Chameleon
  • How Voxox Reduced Churn by 50% With Product Walkthroughs

About Chameleon

Chameleon is a platform for software businesses to build better user onboarding. As software eats the world, many users get left behind with new products, features, interfaces, and designs. Chameleon allows you to create beautiful product guidance that helps, guides and delights your users throughout their journey. Build, manage and optimize your product tours without writing code. Great for onboarding new users, feature announcements, and reducing support.

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