15 AnswerHub Case Studies

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Read 15 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

About AnswerHub

AnswerHub is a robust developer relations software that gives you everything you need to build, manage, and grow a thriving internal or external online community to share knowledge. Users can capture, organize, and share knowledge in a variety of ways including questions and answers, ideas, and knowledge base articles. Built-in gamification helps to engage and identify topic experts to allow for easy question routing. Advanced features like moderation, user management, access control, and role-based permissions give administrators everything they need to control the content, users, and access to the knowledge in their community. AnswerHub can also be customized to look and feel however you'd like with its built-in theming and plug-in engines. Rest API and SDK access give you all of the tools you need to build on your own or let AnswerHub's professional services team help.

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