20 Convert.com Case Studies

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Read 20 Case Studies from users in the Marketing & Advertising industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Bluelambda - Customer Case Study
  • The simple promotional bar that led to a 20% increase in an online store's revenue
  • How to Use a Lean Testing Stack to Boost Revenue per User by 53%
  • Conversion Rate Experts - Customer Case Study
  • Conversion Rate Experts - Customer Case Study
  • High-Velocity Testing That Generated a 29,031% ROI for an Online Store
  • GrowthHit - Customer Case Study
  • The optimized form that led to a 26% increase in conversions for a destination travel company
  • The Pricing Strategy That Led to a 15% Increase in Conversion Rate for High-Ticket Filtration Products
  • How Journey Further Used Convert Experiences to Build Trust for High Street TV
  • Learning Success Blog - Customer Case Study
  • Convert Helped Mintminds Pair Product Attributes with Carousel Images for a 13% Increase in Add-to-Cart
  • How Ontrack Used Convert Experiences to Increase Revenue/Visitor by 12% for Conscious Items
  • REBEL Internet - Customer Case Study
  • The benefit-driven headline that led to a 27% increase in the conversions for an e-retailer's flagship product
  • The cart design that resulted in a significant increase in mobile revenue
  • The simple sale overlay that led to a 26% increase in revenue per user
  • Tangiblee - Customer Case Study
  • Umigo - Customer Case Study
  • Worship - Customer Case Study

About Convert.com

Convert Experiences is an easy to use, one-code installation and feature rich A/B testing and personalization enterprise solution for conversion optimization and data-driven decisions in high-traffic websites. Agency-friendly features include unlimited projects and client accounts, multi-domain testing and tracking, development tools for jQuery, JavaScript and CSS. The new personalization feature allows you to test with tailored experiences for different client segments and experience performance. Convert Experiences allows for full control over every aspect of a test with features such as minimum and maximum test durations; manual and automatic variation controls, as well as historical insights into stoppage of test variations.

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