23 Customer.io Case Studies

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Read 23 Case Studies from users in the Internet industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How Arcadia Power uses great email to power the clean energy movement
  • How Clearbit Personalizes Emails with Customer.io (and Achieves a 49% Open Rate)
  • How Codecademy Increased Their Ad Conversion Rate by 30% Using Customer.io’s Ad Audiences
  • How Creativeo More Than Doubled Their Open Rates in 30 Days
  • Why Demand Curve Trusts Customer.io Over Anyone Else
  • How DoSomething Increased Their Open Rate by 180%
  • How Hey Jude tripled their trial-to-paid conversions with Customer.io
  • How Customer.io helped Journy 3x response through effective testing
  • How Livestorm closes the marketing automation loop with Customer.io
  • How Mailgun Increased Their Customer Onboard Rate by 30%
  • How Mailgun Uses Customer.io’s Audience Sync to Focus Their Efforts on What Matters
  • How Mido Lotto Hit the Jackpot with 3X Conversion with SMS
  • How Notion Switched to Customer.io 8 Days Before Their Annual Renewal
  • How Olivia Doubled their Onboarding Activation Rate
  • How Purple Carrot Went from Updating Its Ad Audiences Every 90 Days to Every Hour
  • How Spotahome became 5x more efficient with Customer.io
  • How StuDocu Keeps Their 15 Million Global Monthly Users Engaged
  • How StuDocu’s switch to Customer.io helped them reach 40% open rates
  • How Thinkful Increased Email Engagement by 67%
  • How timeshel used behavioral messaging to cut their churn rate in half
  • How Timetastic Increased Their Free Trial Conversion Rate With Customer.io
  • How Customer.io helped TripScout master triggered personalized outreach at scale
  • TryHackMe’s 10% Monthly Revenue Growth

About Customer.io

Customer.io is a behavioral messaging platform for automating hyper-personalized customer communication at scale. Harnessing real-time behavioral data and advanced segmentation across the web and mobile channels, Customer.io empowers marketers to automate targeted, contextually-relevant communication that optimizes the customer experience while driving retention and conversion. Customer.io is transforming marketing for high-growth online brands including Trello, The Knot, and Codecadamy.

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