27 Mailgun Case Studies

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Read 27 Case Studies from real Mailgun users sharing their business challenges and results after using Mailgun software.

  • How AdRoll sends & tracks emails in their Ruby app using the Mailgun API
  • Causes Sees 20% Increase In Clicks With Mailgun
  • How Cinemark utilized Mailgun to streamline their customer service experience
  • Customer.io - Customer Case Study
  • How Ruby-Based DNSimple Uses Mailgun’s API To Create & Configure Domains For Email Forwarding
  • Mailgun + Dovetail, A Recipe For Rapid Growth
  • How Dribbble Improved Connection & Scalable Sending With Mailgun
  • How DevBranch Started Growing Digital Storefronts with Mailgun and Drupal
  • Creating a Better User Experience with Email and Validations
  • How Geogram Built A Free Group Email Service Using Yii For PHP With MySQL
  • Behind the Scene at Jungle Disk Reliable Email Communications with Mailgun
  • How Kanban2go Fulfills Zawinski’s Law
  • Omnisend - Customer Case Study
  • Optimizing data privacy for scalable and secure email programs with Mailgun by Pathwire and Transcend
  • PUBG Corporation - Customer Case Study
  • Sending Millions Of Job Alerts 24/7 With The Mailgun Email API
  • Bringing Professionals Closer to Their Dream Job with Transactional Email
  • Reflex Media - Customer Case Study
  • Samba.ai Growing Fast and Growing Smart with Mailgun
  • Scribd partners with Iterable + Mailgun to engage readers around the globe
  • When Transactional Email Preps 4 Million Contracts For E-Signature Every Month
  • How Tealeaf Academy Increased Student Engagement 3x
  • TextMagic Improves Deliverability Rate With Mailgun
  • How Userfox Sends & Tracks Emails In Their Ruby App Using The Mailgun API
  • How UserVoice Solved Their Incoming Email Problem
  • How Ruby-Based Vero Uses Mailgun’s Campaign Analytics API To Deliver And Track Personalized And Scalable Marketing Campaigns
  • Zipbooks Switched From Mandrill To Mailgun Using Laravel

About Mailgun

Mailgun is a developer-focused email delivery platform that empowers companies to send, receive, and track transactional and marketing emails through an API. Founded in 2010, Mailgun became a Y-Combinator success story later acquired by Rackspace. In February 2017, Mailgun spun back out as a standalone business focused on building best-in-class email deliverability solutions. Mailgun enables developers to tightly integrate email into their apps, i.e. give real email mailboxes to their users, their web pages or any objects in their apps. Customers like Slack, Lyft, Github, and Reddit rely on Mailgun to deliver email to their customers.

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