20 Brightinfo Case Studies

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Read 20 Case Studies from real Brightinfo users sharing their business challenges and results after using Brightinfo software.

  • AlgoSec lands inbound leads at under $4 ,growing conversions 15% with BrightInfo in minutes
  • BeyondTrust increases online engagement by 44% and online leads by 16% with BrightInfo
  • BitSight - Customer Case Study
  • Business2Community Publication grows Premium Content Revenue 300% with BrightInfo
  • Continuum increases leads by 22% with BrightInfo Content Targeting for Blogs and Landing Pages
  • Maximizing your content exposure with BrightInfo
  • FortyCloud increases leads by 76% in minutes with BrightInfo for WordPress
  • Within minutes BrightInfo helps GreenSQL increase leads by 28%
  • Inbound Agency Imagine Accelerates Customer Results with BrightInfo Grows Content Marketing Conversions 49%
  • Impact Radius lowers lead cost under $4 by increasing conversions by 59% and content consumption by 188% in minutes
  • International Language Programs - Customer Case Study
  • Market Loyal Marketing Agency grows Client Revenue 35% and increases Client Retention with BrightInfo Partnership
  • Net-Translators gains 15% increase in leads in minutes with BrightInfo for Drupal
  • Q&A with Profitero‚Äôs Cynthia Stephens: Growing Content Marketing Conversions by 30% Within 4 Weeks
  • RISLA - Customer Case Study
  • In less than 20 minutes, Seculert increases online form conversions by 30%
  • Ryan Shelley 7 Days with Brightinfo was all this hubspotter needed
  • SMB Group increases online engagement by 61% and leads by 23% within minutes with BrightInfo
  • Uberflip Scales Lead Generation With Brightinfo, Landing Traffic With X3 Conversion Rates
  • Scaling Lead Generation With Content In a Highly Competitive Market

About Brightinfo

BrightInfo was founded by a group of veteran technology experts with a common obsession: getting more website visitors to engage with the brand thus taking a step toward becoming a customer. Today BrightInfo is the leading real-time personalization solution for B2B websites and online publications. Its pioneering algorithm learns the website content assets and then, in real time, recommends visitors the most relevant content. BrightInfo carries a meaningful impact: it dramatically prolongs time-on-site and increases conversion rates by up to 200%.

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