12 Amplemarket Case Studies

Company Size

Read 12 Case Studies from real Amplemarket users sharing their business challenges and results after using Amplemarket software.

  • CaterCow was able to supplement its sales arm with 10-15 qualified leads each month
  • Chattermill was able to schedule more than 200 calls in 1 year by using Amplemarket
  • How Curalate was able to find $1.5 M to add to their sales pipeline in a crowded market
  • How Amplemarket powered Deel's 20x revenue growth
  • How DocDigitizer increased the number of meetings by 58% in the 1st quarter of 2021 by focusing on personalization, relevance, and scalability with Amplemarket
  • How HoneyBook closed more deals while bringing their Customer Acquisition Cost down
  • How HotelFlex set up a sales machine scheduling dozens of meetings in 3 days
  • ImpartX skyrockets their metrics to a +50% open rate and +20% reply rate
  • Semantics3 was able to connect with multiple billion dollar companies with Amplemarket
  • How Amplemarket helped TechMagic speed sales operations 2x faster
  • How Utrust booked 700 meetings in 1 year with a sales team of two
  • How Vanta close more and faster with amplemarket buying intent data

About Amplemarket

Amplemarket is an AI-powered virtual sales assistant. They take care of everything, from lead generation, email copy, warm up process, until they give you a meeting with a prospect client. They are backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley, including Y Combinator.

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