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  • CSS Corp enhances customer experience by reducing Average Handling Time with high end enterprise tech support
  • CSS Corp drives efficiency and quality to digital assets of a retail chain with automated application development and support
  • A Fortune 300 retailer cashes in on the IT infrastructure optimization opportunity to simultaneously grow revenue and customer loyalty
  • CSS Corp secures the brand reputation for a leading retailer through comprehensive security solution
  • Deep Analytics Strategy and Implementation for a Global Pharma Major
  • CSS Corp implements a robust support framework and delivers seamless support to a cloud based security enterprise
  • Digital Customer Experience Management for a Global Cosmetics Company
  • Global Enterprise and Consumer Products Service Provider - Customer Case Study
  • CSS Corp helps a growing global company empower its customers, partners, and employees to help themselves through enhanced self-help capabilities and knowledge base
  • CSS Corp provides high end technical solutions for a global networking equipment supplier
  • Delighting Customers and Driving Cost Optimization for a Global Networking OEM Giant
  • Driving Digital Multi-channel Success for a Global Storage Manufacturer
  • Optimizing Network Circuits Brings Speed, Efficiency and Savings for a Global Telecom OEM
  • RPA Empowers Agents Deliver Operational Efficiencies in a Support Environment
  • CSS Corp delights the customers of an intelligent network security provider through comprehensive enterprise technology support
  • AI-based Early Warning System Predicts Case Resolution Time, Increasing Customer Experience for a Large Enterprise Networking Company
  • Modernize Customer Interfaces and Create Revenue Streams through Premium Technical Support for a Large Networking Company
  • Performance Management Increases Customer Experience for a Large Private Bank
  • IT Infra Modernization Increases Service Agility, reduces operational costs for a Large Swedish Industrial Equipment Manufacturer
  • Creating Customer-centric Support Culture in Operations for a large VoIP Service Provider
  • Driving Predictability and Optimization in Network Operations Through
  • Amplifying Customer Experience for the Eighth Largest Multi-brand Retailer in the US
  • Transform Legacy Infrastructure by Enabling a SaaS based Cloud Environment for a Leading Education Technology Company
  • Streamlining Operational Resiliency For A Network OEM Startup
  • CSS Corp brings predictability and control to website infrastructure provisioning of a leading ice cream brand
  • CSS Corp’s automated infrastructure management delivers superior Customer Experience (CX) for a networking major
  • Leading Low Cost Communications Service Provider - Customer Case Study
  • Orchestrating Exceptional Support for a World Leader in Market Automation
  • CSS Corp brings business agility for a leading mobile advertisement network through efficient service delivery
  • CSS Corp ensures high availability of IT infrastructure and huge cost savings through remote monitoring solutions for a telecommunications giant
  • Smart IT Infrastructure Operations Management for a Leading Networking Company
  • IT Operations Management for a Leading Networking Company
  • How a networking company transformed support for out-of-warranty products into an opportunity for brand building and increased customer loyalty
  • Routing efficiency and superior customer experience
  • Consistent and high performance even during the seasonal spikes in call volume by ensuring new hires are up-to-speed and ready for a leading networking solutions provider
  • Enterprise Ready Sales Force Solution Through Test Automation
  • A holistic process that trains, reviews, rewards and motivates agents to look beyond just solving a customer’s problem
  • Leading Technology Company - Customer Case Study
  • A leading technology services company tastes success in their very first attempt at outsourcing/partnering with CSS Corp as their sole support partner
  • Leading Variety Store Retailer - Customer Case Study
  • Driving Digital Customer Experiences through Predictive Analytics for a leading Video Streaming Services Company
  • Amplifying Engineer Performance with an AI Led CoBot, Improving Customer Experience for a VOIP Company
  • MSP Model Drives CX Operations for a Leading VOIP Service Provider
  • CSS Corp implements a robust support framework and ensure a seamless end-customer experience
  • Product Engineering Services for Faster Time-to-Market with Improved Quality
  • Driving Vaccination Uptake among People with Diabetes Using Deep Analytics for a Global Pharma Major
  • Robust KB management and process optimizations drives customer experience for major unified communications provider
  • Weeding out RMA errors to deliver superior customer experience
  • Implementing flexible infrastructure and optimizing database connections and queries for improved performance and enhanced agility
  • Holistic Product Life-Cycle Support Drives Services Optimization for a Next-Generation Network Security Company
  • CSS Corp introduces a clickable solution to save cost and deliver seamless end-customer experience
  • CSS Corp’s integrated enterprise product support reinstates the brand image for a unified communication service provider
  • Test Environment Automation for a US based Personal Care Marketing Major
  • Elevating Customer Experience Through End-to-end Cognitive Automation
  • Simplifying Complex Technical Support Operations through Proactive Service Delivery for a Leading Security Major
  • US-based Leading Streaming Services Provider - Customer Case Study
  • How a cosmetic and personal care product giant is delivering positive online user experiences through fast, accurate and cost-effective testing
  • Simplifying IT Infrastructure and Cloud Adoption for World's No. 1 Tire Manufacturer
  • Digital Customer Experience Transformation through Cloud and Automaton for World’s 2nd Largest CPG Firm
  • Digital Customer Experience Transformation for World’s 2nd Largest FMCG Company
  • Predictive Technical Support Operations Amplifies Customer Experience for World’s 5th Largest Enterprise Networking Company
  • Enhanced Network and Configuration Management Solutions Increased Customer Experiences for Worlds No.1 Networking Giant

About CSS Corp

CSS Corp harness the power of AI, automation, analytics and digital technologies to help their clients address specific customer engagement needs. They act as a catalyst for growth by enabling enterprises transform from traditional models to new age service models and help them identify new revenue streams. From Digital customer experience to tech support, network modernization to management, cloud and IT operations, they have built their reputation on delivering stellar customer experiences.

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