15 Commanders Act Case Studies

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Read 15 Case Studies from users in the Internet industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Developing Customer Value In An Omni-Channel Environment
  • With Commanders Act, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe uses digital technology to benefit its branches
  • DRHAT - Customer Case Study
  • ENGIE harnesses TagCommander to drive digital performance
  • Havas Voyages Reduces the Time Spent Managing its 3rd Party Vendor Tags by 80% with TagCommander
  • K&L Ruppert realises 5-figure cost savings through smarter conversion deduplication
  • La Redoute boosts page load times by 20% with TagCommander
  • Lagardère Active - Customer Case Study
  • Nestlé Suisse takes ownership of its customer data to boost conversion with TagCommander
  • Pixartprinting taps its data to optimise customer journeys at scale
  • Breaking Down Barriers To Improve Customer Experience And Online & In-Store Sales
  • With Commanders Act, Promod uses digital technology to benefit its stores
  • Sorgenia makes the most of digital technology to personalise the customer experience and improve customer support
  • Venca revolutionizes its digital marketing budgets with TagCommander
  • Yellow Pages Canada chooses Commanders Act to Enter the Era of Smart Data

About Commanders Act

Commanders Act allows its customers to manage their digital transformation more efficiently. They are a European company helping digital teams work better thanks to data management, thus improving online marketing solutions, advertising efficiency and performance. Commanders Act allows better control of prospective and customer data thanks to a global, complete and performing approach.

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