21 Betty Blocks Case Studies

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Read 21 Case Studies from real Betty Blocks users sharing their business challenges and results after using Betty Blocks software.

  • Actief Werkt Significantly Increases Customer Satisfaction with All Purpose Application
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences - Customer Case Study
  • Atlanta United Launch Educational Mobile App in Just 3 Months With Betty Blocks
  • Baker Tilly Saves 100,000 Euro Annually With No-code
  • City of Zaanstad Saves €2.4 Million over Four Years by Replacing Legacy System with Betty Blocks
  • CleanAir by Baker Creates Automated Back Office and Mobile Service App With Betty Blocks
  • Using No-Code to Boost Efficiency at Clifford Chance
  • Credit Sales gives companies liquidity with Betty Blocks
  • De Kabath - Customer Case Study
  • Drive Ugo - Customer Case Study
  • CEO of EDGE Technologies Single-Handedly Replaced 7 Software Suppliers with No-Code
  • EAU Saves €2.5 Million in Development Costs by Replacing PHP and MySQL Systems with Betty Blocks
  • Gemeente Hoorn - Customer Case Study
  • Hanzevast Capitalizes on Market Opportunities with Betty Blocks to Reach New Target Audience
  • Igepa Personalizes Customer Service With Multi-Language Webshops
  • Itho Daalderop Optimizes Customer Journey With a Centralized, Powerful System That Connects All Operations
  • B2C Europe Choose No-Code to Enable Sustainable Digital Transformation
  • Mazars in Germany Empowers Business Users With a Personalized No-Code Citizen Development Program and Foundation
  • Morgenwerk - Customer Case Study
  • Betty Blocks replaced Excel at NMH SRO
  • How Citizen Development Fusion Teams Deliver a Better Way of Working for IT Departments at Pluryn
  • Précon Gets Rid of Shadow IT and Cuts Time-To-Market by 75% With Future-Proof CMS
  • Proteq - Customer Case Study
  • Travel Agency Sawadee Boosts Website Visits With 33% Through New Ecommerce Platform
  • Snijder - Customer Case Study
  • Built With The New Betty Blocks Page Builder
  • Sweco Implements Betty Blocks for Innovation and Digital Transformation
  • Teyler Eliminates Excel Once-And-For-All with No-Code
  • Univé Implements Strategic Innovation to Create a New Line of Business
  • Waal - Customer Case Study
  • Zorg van de Zaak Develops One-Of-A-Kind PMO Application With No-Code

About Betty Blocks

The Citizen Development platform Betty Blocks is all about empowering a new generation of developers and breaking the boundaries of technology for business innovation. We support citizen developers, help organizations innovate, and challenge assumptions of what a no-code platform can achieve. Build complex enterprise-grade applications: surprisingly easy, fast and fun. From mobile apps to (customer) portals to back office management and everything in between. The Betty Blocks platform’s ease of use supports every size or complexity of your app. 100% in the cloud. 100% no-code. 100% innovation-driven.

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