70 AWS Glue Case Studies

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Read 70 Case Studies from real AWS Glue users sharing their business challenges and results after using AWS Glue software.

  • PT ABM Investama Tbk Provides Agile Response to Volatile Markets with SAP S/4HANA on AWS
  • How ALICE uses AWS Glue to Solve Complex Data Migration Challenges
  • AT&T Cybersecurity Helps Businesses Improve Threat Detection and Response Using Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker
  • Bayer Centralizes and Standardizes Data from the Carbon Program Using AWS
  • Processing Data 10x Faster Using Amazon Redshift Serverless with BlocPower
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Establishes Data-Driven Foundations Using AWS to Accelerate the Launch of New Medicines
  • BookMyShow Improves TCO by 70 Percent on the AWS Cloud
  • Boost Unlocks The Value of Customer Data with AWS
  • Buildigo Scales at Speed While Delivering for Customers with AWS
  • Bureau of Customs of the Philippines - Customer Case Study
  • Burt Accelerates Ad Tech Development Using AWS
  • Canva Works with AWS Professional Services to Augment Security with Data Lake
  • CaratLane Scales To Meet Seasonal Peaks and Deliver Seamless Customer Experience With AWS
  • Chime Scales Member Services and Innovates Using Amazon Aurora and Amazon EC2
  • Decreasing Total Cost of Ownership Using Amazon MWAA with Choice Hotels International
  • Club Premier Achieves 30% Infrastructure Cost Savings, 25% More Development Efficiency on AWS
  • Codex Genetics Accelerates the Results of Clinical Trials Using AWS
  • Covestro Uses AWS to Transform Operations and Drive Manufacturing Innovation
  • Creditsafe Cuts Technology Administration Burden, Builds for Future Success Using AWS
  • CreditVidya Extends the Loan Market to Millions of Financially Excluded Indians with AWS
  • CSE Moves to the Cloud to Create Secure, Data-Driven Future for Financial Customers
  • Deloitte Cuts Deployment Times, Helps Clients Reduce Process Run Times Using AWS
  • Docebo Improves System Observability Using Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and AWS Glue
  • Dollar Shave Club Uses AWS to Accelerate Data Analysis, Improve User Experience
  • Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Delivers in Record Time Using AWS for Predictive Ordering
  • Building a Flexible, Multi-Tenant Data Platform for AI for Digital Oil & Gas
  • Eko Empowers Data-Driven Decisions with an Analytics Pipeline on AWS
  • Elula’s AI Solutions Help Banks Improve Customer Retention
  • ENGIE Digital Uses Amazon SageMaker for Predictive Maintenance at Power Plants
  • ENGIE Builds the Common Data Hub on AWS, Accelerates Zero-Carbon Transition
  • Expedia Group Speeds Up Vendor Payment Transactions from 1 Day to Seconds
  • Firework Games Delivers a Smooth In-Game User Experience and Saves Manpower Costs with AWS
  • Foobot Adds AI to Make Any Building Smart
  • Forage Improves Data Analytics Speeds and Gains Real-Time Metrics with AWS
  • Achieving 99.9% data availability to deliver carbon-free electricity
  • GEVME Pivots Quickly and Turns Virtual Events into Memorable Experiences
  • Halodoc Brings Online Healthcare Services to Millions in Indonesia on AWS
  • HappyFresh Personalizes Online Shopping at a Lower Cost with AWS
  • HUMAN Security Accelerates ML Training and Time to Market Using Amazon SageMaker
  • InterMiles Takes Rewards Program to New Heights with Microservices-Powered Mobile App on AWS
  • INVISTA Transforms Operations by Optimizing Manufacturing Outcomes on AWS
  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals Increases Machine Learning Accuracy by 21% Using Amazon SageMaker
  • Jurnal by Mekari Helps SMEs Digitalize with SaaS Solutions on AWS
  • Laredo Migrates to Serverless Architecture on AWS, Sees $60,000 Net Gain Per Month
  • Leadinfo Saves 30% on IT Costs, Improves Developer Efficiency by 50% Using AWS
  • Lion Parcel Gains Faster Data Insights on AWS to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Maze Therapeutics Applies Genetics Insights to Accelerate Drug Discovery Using AWS
  • Merck’s Manufacturing Data and Analytics Platform Triples Performance and Reduces Data Costs by 50% on AWS
  • Merkle Builds Customer 360s and Data Clean Rooms on AWS, Enables Personalized, Privacy-Safe Marketing
  • Using Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Amazon Athena, and AWS Glue with Node.js in Production
  • How Pagely implemented a serverless data lake in AWS to facilitate customer support analytics
  • PureTech Global Leverages AI to Optimize Billing Revenue
  • Redhill Games Operates Games at Scale Using Amazon GameLift and Amazon EKS
  • ResMed Uses Amazon SageMaker to Personalize Sleep Therapy for Millions of Patients
  • ShopFully Improves Marketing Campaign Efficiency by 6x Using AWS Glue
  • SiCepat Ekspres Modernizes Logistics Operations for Business Agility on AWS
  • Siemens Handles 60,000 Cyber Threats per Second Using AWS Machine Learning
  • Siemens Builds the Junelight Smart Battery in a Startup-like Environment on AWS
  • Siemens Mobility Helps Rail Operators Avoid Downtime and Unplanned Maintenance
  • Sportsbet Uses AWS to Support Agile Business Growth and Innovation
  • State Auto Improves Processes across the Life Cycle Using AWS Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Serverless Architecture
  • Tata CLiQ Delivers an Immersive, Omnichannel Experience with Fast-Growing Online Marketplace on AWS
  • The Department of Education, Western Australia Shortens IT Device Audit from Months to Days with AWS
  • TNG Management Saves 40% of Its Time Using AWS as Single-Source Provider
  • Umlaut Uses Amazon S3 to Cut Storage Costs by 30%, Speed Business Growth
  • Veracode Strengthens Its Software Security Platform Using Scalable AWS Services
  • The First Indian Airline Born on the AWS Cloud
  • Woot Cuts Data Warehouse Operating Costs 90% with a Serverless Solution on AWS
  • Yamato Logistics (HK) Streamlines Its Data for Increased Business Visibility, Analytics, and Insights to Innovate Its Logistics Operations
  • Online Fashion Platform Zalando Tracks Business Performance in Near Real-Time with AWS

About AWS Glue

AWS Glue is a fully managed extract, transform, and load (ETL) service that makes it easy for customers to prepare and load their data for analytics. You can create and run an ETL job with a few clicks in the AWS Management Console. You simply point AWS Glue to your data stored on AWS, and AWS Glue discovers your data and stores the associated metadata (e.g. table definition and schema) in the AWS Glue Data Catalog. Once cataloged, your data is immediately searchable, queryable, and available for ETL.

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