15 CMNTY Case Studies

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Read 15 Case Studies from users in the Information Technology and Services industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • How to Use a Self-Service Community Platform for Customer Insights
  • How Beautiful Lives Uses Community Insights to Power Design Thinking
  • How Blauw Is Gaining Better Customer Insights Using Communities
  • How Engine Uses The Power of Human Connection to Solve Business Challenges
  • How Ipsos Uses Pop-Up Communities to Quickly Find Insights When Time is Critical
  • How Lufthansa Improved Team Collaboration with a Community
  • How Meistro Built a Partner & Consumer Community for the Energy Market
  • How a Radio Station Rebranded With Help of a Community
  • How Reima Clothing is Giving Consumers a Voice
  • How a Community Platform Empowers Adolescent Health Promotion
  • RTL Understanding Millennial Viewing Behavior Using a Community
  • Uncover Deep Insights by Using a Community for Customer Journey Mapping
  • How a Boutique MR Firm Excels in Food Retail Research Using Online Qualitative
  • How Solarplaza Leveraged a Partner Community to Increase B2B Sales
  • StraightONE - Customer Case Study


CMNTY is the fastest growing and most user friendly insights community solution on the market. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of people use CMNTY every day to co-create better services, better products and ultimately increase the quality of life. If this makes you as excited as they are, let's chat! They believe that organizations are more successful when they understand the needs of the people they serve. That’s why they help people and brands engage with each other in dedicated online communities.

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