23 BlueCart Case Studies

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Read 23 Case Studies from real BlueCart users sharing their business challenges and results after using BlueCart software.

  • A Closer Look Into Why 90% Of #Baonanas' Customers Love BlueCart
  • How ABCO Increased Their Average Order Size by 15%
  • How BlueCart Increased Ayrshire Farm's Time Management by 30%
  • Bellegarde Bakery uses BlueCart Accounting Report to save 15 hours weekly of manual QuickBooks order entry
  • How Does Café Gratitude Leverage BlueCart?
  • How Cafe Kreyol Eliminated Returned Orders by Adopting BlueCart
  • How a Local Speciality Business Maintains 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • How Charm City Beverage increased sales by leveraging product catalogs
  • How Cream and the Crop Reduced Returned Orders by 10% With BlueCart
  • BlueCart’s software reduces time and paper waste for product ordering transactions at food trade shows
  • How Fells Point Wholesale Meats Saved 30 Minutes Per Order When Using BlueCart
  • How FLUID Coffeebar eliminates manual ordering completely with BlueCart
  • How I. Halper Leverages BlueCart to Realize a 50% Projected Increase to Sales
  • How Jimmy John's Increased Procurement Speed and Accuracy by 100%
  • How BlueCart decreases order time by 50% while reducing order and inventory errors for this expanding restaurant group
  • How One Of New York's Largest Meat Purveyors Used BlueCart To Reduce Order Errors By 90%
  • How Mollaga Indian Grill saves three hours every week by placing orders through BlueCart
  • One Commissary Kitchen Expanded Operations Without Sacrificing Communication
  • Nomadic Coffee Keeps Their Orders Organized with BlueCart
  • How Northwest Meat Company increased procurement speed by 20% with BlueCart
  • Prestige Oyster Eliminates Order Processing Steps With BlueCart, Saving 11 Hours Per Week
  • How Ridge Produce Reduced Orders Returned by 80% With BlueCart
  • How Online Procurement Lead To A 60% Increase In Items Ordered For This Chick Bakes

About BlueCart

BlueCart is a web and mobile wholesale procurement platform built to streamline and modernize the process for buyers and sellers while increasing profitability. They organize and simplify the ordering process so restaurants and their suppliers can save time and money. The BlueCart app and website are designed to help save both restaurants and vendors time and money, without sacrificing the relationships that keep the industry running.

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