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25 ArangoDB Case Studies

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Read 25 Case Studies from real ArangoDB users sharing their business challenges and results after using ArangoDB software.

  • AboutYou Data-Driven Personalization with ArangoDB
  • Meet Actify Making product data intelligent
  • Creating a Location-Aware Recommendation Engine In 4 Weeks
  • Microservices with ArangoDB's JavaScript Framework - Foxx
  • Brainhub Nested Document Models with ArangoDB and AQL
  • Brass City Utilizing ArangoDB
  • Have a Pleasant Journey with FlightStats and ArangoDB
  • Enterprise Level Digital Certificate and Cryptographic Key Management with ArangoDB
  • NextGen Design Collaboration by IC Manage utilizing ArangoDB
  • InfoCamere Investigation on Graph Databases Exploring Relationships among Italian Companies with ArangoDB
  • ArangoDB one Database to Rule them all for Innoplexus’ KOL Discovery and Management Platform
  • Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer ArangoDB for Genomes and Graphs
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Managing Heterogeneous Metadata with ArangoDB
  • FBI-grade case management for the larger investigative community
  • Impressive speed of ArangoDB-based Webshop & Product Information Management (PIM) System for 1 Million Products
  • Meet Kode Solutions Semantic Tweet Analytics with ArangoDB & Rlang
  • Liaison's healthy Data Platform as a Service with ArangoDB
  • Moonlighters’ Dream Linguathor Utilizing ArangoDB
  • Future of Technology in Healthcare with NOHO and ArangoDB
  • Meet PrivacyPerfect Privacy bookkeeping for GDPR
  • How Refinitiv Built a ‘Single View of Everything’ BA/BI Platform
  • Meta-Research Engine at UAB Powered by ArangoDB
  • Thomson Reuters Fast & Secure Single-View of Everything with ArangoDB
  • Triton Teaching Students to Code with ArangoDB
  • Oxford University to Reduce Hospital Attendance, Healthcare Costs and Improve Tests’ Results thanks to ArangoDB

About ArangoDB

ArangoDB, Inc. is a U.S. based privately held company founded in Cologne in 2014 to meet the increasing demand for professional services around ArangoDB. ArangoDB can operate as a distributed & highly scalable database cluster. The company ArangoDB, Inc. contributes to the project with developer resources, db architects and developer support.

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