14 Chronus Case Studies

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Read 14 Case Studies from users in the Computer Software industry to get the most important information that is specific to your business.

  • Daimler Trucks Reinvents Corporate Mentoring Program
  • Chronus helps DoSomething.org do something for passionate youth
  • Gates Millennium Scholars Program Integrates Mentoring For Student Success
  • Georgetown Alumni Association Creates Networking Program through Chronus Mentor
  • Aerospace Firm Employs Mentoring Programs to Develop Employee Careers
  • Large Retail Bank Implements Mentoring Programs for Leadership Development and Diversity Training
  • Medline’s new training solution chronus software
  • Extended Onboarding & Career Development O’shea’s Chronus-Powered Program
  • Paychex’s High-Potential Mentoring Elevates Women Leaders
  • Public Transportation Firm Improves Productivity & Training with Chronus Coach
  • SPE Grows Career Mentoring Program with Chronus
  • Ste. Michelle Wine Estates Boosts Knowledge Sharing Through Career Mentoring Program
  • The Wildlife Society Thrives With a Mentoring Program in Full Swing
  • University of Colorado Engages Students and Alumni in a Pipeline of Mentoring

About Chronus

Chronus was founded with one mission to enrich people’s lives with technology that drives effective learning. They are true believers in mentoring and how technology can help enable it. Every day, they work towards their vision of being the trusted source organizations turn to for helping their people achieve their full potential through modern mentoring. From expanding career horizons, to developing skills to gaining vital job related knowledge. Chronus software enables people to learn and grow from each other to create a positive impact.

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