25 AntWorks Case Studies

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Read 25 Case Studies from real AntWorks users sharing their business challenges and results after using AntWorks software.

  • Airline Company Slashes Invoice Processing Time
  • Accounting Firm Reduces Processing Time from 2 Hours to 30 Minutes
  • City Union Bank Reduces Onboarding Time From 8 Days To 1 Hour
  • CUB achieved 100% compliance adherence in processing their government mandated cKYC (central Know-Your-Customer) checks, using ANTsteinTM Integrated Automation Platform
  • Fortune 500 Insurance Company - Customer Case Study
  • Insurance Company Reduces Processing Time From 3 Weeks To 3 Days
  • BPO Reduced Bill of Lading Processing Time by 63%
  • Global Insurer Conquers Handwriting Data Digitisation
  • Global Mortgage Provider - Customer Case Study
  • Travel & Transport Industry Cuts Invoice Processing Time by 50%
  • How Indecomm is reinventing mortgage services with an Integrated Automation Platform
  • John Hancock, a large insurance provider, uses ANTsteinTM to automate data extraction for claims processing, eliminate manual tasks and increase business productivity
  • With CMR this customer experienced a 79% accuracy rate of conversion and saved over 4,000 hours annually of overall invoice processing time
  • A leading agile and innovative global analytics company and India’s foremost provider of ratings, data, research, analytics and solution, partners with AntWorks to set up an Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence (CoE)
  • A leading provider of tech products and services to the airline and travel industry implemented ANTstein™, AntWorks™ integrated automation platform (IAP) to automate their invoice processing
  • Ratings Provider Achieves 100% Data Accuracy
  • Global Bank Achieves 100% Compliance For Trade Finance
  • A leading Indian bank used ANTsteinTM, AntWorks’ integrated automation platform (IAP), to automate their trade finance processes, leading to improved business efficiency
  • An operations management and analytics company provides automated billing solutions to one of world’s biggest providers of transport and logistics services using the ANTsteinTM integrated automation platform (IAP)
  • Mercer Improves Processing Speed By 70 Percent
  • Mercer, the world’s largest human resources consulting firm, implemented ANTstein™ to manage large volumes of data and provide optimised quotations to customers for new policies and renewals
  • Scoot Flies High with Automated Invoice Processing
  • Spark 44 Cuts Processing Time by 50% with AntWorks RPA
  • Mortgage Loan Processing Time Reduced by 90%
  • Top Asset Manager Handles Invoices in Many Languages

About AntWorks

AntWorks is a global artificial intelligence and intelligent automation company, creating new possibilities with data through digitisation, automation and enterprise intelligence. As the world's first and only Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) powered by fractal science principles and pattern recognition that understands every data type, ANTstein™ SQUARE digitises every piece of information for a diverse range of industries.

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