16 Fast Simon Case Studies

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Read 16 Case Studies from real Fast Simon users sharing their business challenges and results after using Fast Simon software.

  • BrightMinds increased revenue by 18% with InstantSearch+ Personalization
  • Fast Simon's "solution that works" keeps up with merchants fast changing world & doubles AOV
  • Quadruple conversion rate in mobile with InstantSearch+
  • Greater Sales and Customer Satisfaction
  • From a retail store in LA to an eCommerce fashion empire
  • Master InstantSearch+ Synonyms feature to add value to customers
  • Increase in Average Order Value through the use of search
  • How Fast Simon’s Merchandising helped IMA build a highly converting drop-down menu in a matter of minutes
  • Deliver relevant and timely recommendations in an attractive widget
  • More than 1,000 custom fields and filters to search by
  • Uses our powerful Product Recommendation tool to increase sales and customers’ retention
  • Spiceology - Customer Case Study
  • Deliver incredibly detailed onsite search results and drive conversions
  • Striking the sweet-spot between functionality and cost
  • Woolery delivers the best customer service using InstantSearch+
  • Quadrupled search conversion rate with InstantSearch+

About Fast Simon

Fast Simon is bringing an Amazon-like site search to millions of merchants and publishers. Fast Simon's powerful technology makes it simple for everyone to add a great search to their site: No coding. No integration. No maintenance. Their highly scalable platform and self-service simplicity allow them to offer all this. Fast Simon has everything you need to engage users across phones, tablets and desktops.

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