58 Assignar Case Studies

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Read 58 Case Studies from real Assignar users sharing their business challenges and results after using Assignar software.

  • Aaction Traffic - Customer Case Study
  • Abletech Underground Group - Customer Case Study
  • Active Crane Hire uses Assignar to manage the maintenance of over 170 tower cranes
  • Active Energies Solar uses Assignar to cut rework by 30% and streamline communications
  • Affective Rail uses Assignar for real-time data insights and communication
  • All Types of Rubbish Uses Assignar to Meet Industry Safety and Environmental Requirements
  • Allroad Group Uses Assignar to Operate without a Central Asset Depot, and Increase Efficiency with 60%
  • ATC uses Assignar to Manage Quality Control
  • How Aussie Excavators Plant Hire Is Keeping Up A 30-year Legacy By Adapting With Assignar
  • Aussie Excavators Plant Hire Uses Assignar As A Competitive Advantage In Their Major Tenders
  • Blacktown Waste Services - Customer Case Study
  • CJ's Demolition uses Assignar to run a paperless workforce
  • Classic Electric and Consulting uses Assignar to replace point solutions and create data fluidity
  • Denver Asphalt and Concrete Services uses Assignar to increase remote working capacity by 50%
  • DPW Plant Hire uses Assignar to Automate their Compliance Process
  • Duron Atlantic uses Assignar to scale its team three-fold
  • East Coast Traffic Control uses Assignar to Maximise Operational Efficiency
  • Fluren uses Assignar to Connect their Team across Multiple Sites
  • Force Civil Solutions uses Assignar to Control Compliance and Manage Project Progress
  • How Force Civil Uses Assignar To Boost Margins
  • Hi-Range Crane Forks uses Assignar to Empower their Operators
  • I Can Dig It Excavation uses Assignar as their central hub of information between the office and the field
  • Infraworks uses Assignar to Become 50% More Efficient with their Allocations team
  • Infraworks Plumbing uses Assignar to Win a Contract with Sydney Water
  • JBG Contractors uses Assignar to Scale their Business
  • Jim's Electric uses Assignar to cut time on payroll by 30%
  • Load 28 uses Assignar to Manage their Workforce in 2 Different States
  • Mann Group uses Assignar to Improve Job Costing and Efficiency
  • Martinus Rail uses AMartinus Rail uses Assignar to Dispatch the Right Field Teams with the Right Resources to the Right Projectsssignar to dispatch the right field teams with the right resources to the right projects
  • Mayberry Construction uses Assignar to Manage Documents and Asset Forms
  • NDEA uses Assignar to Improve Plant Maintenance and Staff Management
  • NPW Contracting uses Assignar to Save 1,320 Man-Hours and $48,000 Per Year
  • How Oe Construction Answers The 'why' Questions In Minutes With Assignar Insights
  • OE Construction uses Assignar to save $30,000 on payroll and optimize processes
  • Perfect Hire uses Assignar to Train and Manage their Workers & Equipment
  • Prime Build uses Assignar to Manage Workplace Health and Safety
  • Rcc Civil Digitized Their Job Site Paperwork And Reduced Payroll Admin By 93%
  • Retro Traffic uses Assignar to Improve Communication between the Field and the Office
  • Safedig Services uses Assignar to remove paperwork from the jobsite
  • Controlling Data Chaos With Sbl Solutions
  • Simcat Group uses Assignar to Improve Visibility and Communication Across their Team
  • Solution Plant Hire uses Assignar to Manage a Fleet of 150+ Assets
  • SPR Traffic Services uses Assignar to cut scheduling time by 67%
  • Stefanutti Construction uses Assignar to Allocate their Fieldworkers and Machines Efficiently
  • How Stonescapes Made The Ultimate Upgrade From Pen And Paper With Assignar
  • Sunraysia uses Assignar to Manage their Crane and Rigging Business
  • Superior Traffic Management uses Assignar to Manage their Payroll Efficiently
  • Swilly Traffic Solutions uses Assignar to Grow their Business Interstate
  • Sydney Civil Uses Assignar To Drive Efficiency And Increase Productivity
  • Target Zero Group uses Assignar to manage documents and asset forms
  • How Barricade Scaled With Assignar
  • The Barricade Company uses Assignar to support them in a high-liability space and save up to $90,000
  • Thoutt Bros Concrete Contractors uses Assignar to automate workflows and streamline communications
  • Traffic Force Uses Assignar To Connect 3 Depots Across Western Australia
  • Traffic Logistics uses Assignar to Work for Large Projects and Clients
  • From Paper Forms To Real-time Feedback
  • When Rail Contractors Go Digital With Assignar
  • Workzone Traffic Control - Customer Case Study

About Assignar

Assignar is a cloud based compliance, asset and workforce management platform for highly regulated industries. Developed from first hand experience and the need to solve the challenges within a fast growing construction service provider, Assignar rapidly gained interest from stakeholders in other highly regulated industries. Assignar delivers its customers increased efficiency, transparency and significant management cost savings.

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