12 Empuls Case Studies

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Read 12 Case Studies from real Empuls users sharing their business challenges and results after using Empuls software.

  • Improving Employee Engagement Scores with Rewards & Recognition on Empuls
  • Building an employee support system for rapid medical assistance using Empuls’ Social Intranet
  • Improving organizational transparency in employee rewards and recognition (R&R) through Empuls
  • Improving employee retention with rewards and recognition on Empuls
  • Cleartrip improves employee satisfaction and happiness with Empuls.
  • Driving Employee Satisfaction through automated rewards on Empuls
  • Building a culture of celebrating success across the globe by revamping employee R&R with Empuls
  • Driving Instant Employee Recognition with the Empuls Employee Engagement Platform
  • Building a culture of proactive recognition with digital rewards and recognition on Empuls
  • Reinventing employee engagement for distributed teams by streamlining communication, rewards, and recognition with Empuls
  • Transforming employee engagement with Empuls by integrating it with Microsoft Teams
  • Motivating frontline employees with Empuls to reap the benefits of reduced absenteeism and attrition

About Empuls

Empuls, a Xoxoday product, was launched as an employee recognition and rewards platform in early 2019. Fast forward to today, Empuls has all the tools you need to meaningfully celebrate your people's work and craft your unique culture. Every company needs engaged employees, and so does Xoxoday. They firmly believe that their people are their #1 competitive advantage. When they spend most of their time doing meaningful work at Xoxoday, they want that time to be cherished beyond work. That's why they do everything to connect and align them with their shared purpose, show that they genuinely value their contributions, and empower them to create the best workplace for everyone.

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